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Pen Stroke is an American computer programmer and writer. He is well known within the brony fandom for writing numerous fanfiction works including Past Sins and creating Nyx. Almost all of Pen Stroke's fanfics have been written with the help of his friend, Batty Gloom. He is the most watched user on FIMFiction.

Past Sins

Main article: Past Sins

Past Sins is Pen Stroke's most notable work and was written with the help of Batty Gloom. The story focuses on Nyx, an alicorn filly created from the remnants of Nightmare Moon who previously appeared in Creeping Darkness, another work by Pen Stroke. The story was featured on Equestria Daily while a revised version was later featured on FIMFiction.

Past Sins has been released in print form by Equestria Publications. Pen Stroke has also written five follow-up stories to it.

Follow-up stories

Published Title Words Status Notes
2012-10-03 Nightmare or Nyx? 10,996 Complete
2012-11-16 Trinkets 7,192 Complete
2012-12-23 Winter Bells 94,647 Complete
2013-12-23 First Hours 5,429 Complete
2015-03-26 The Road Home 113,083 Complete
2016-08-26 Glimpses 42,275 Complete

Other stories

Published Title Words Status Notes
2011-05-10 Better Living Through
Science and Ponies
39,979 Complete
2011-09-27 Drop of Moonshine 10,347 Complete
2011-11-15 Haunting Nightmare 30,102 Complete
2012-02-21 Bureaucracy is Magic 14,347 Complete
2012-09-25 A Mug of Hard Cider 12,064 Complete Sequel to Drop of Moonshine
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