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Writer(s) SlyWit
Date published February 10, 2011
Words 67,974 (as of Chapter 12)
Status Unfinished
Type/genre Normal
Featuring Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
Show connection Takes place over 1,000 years before the show
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Paradise is an incomplete fan novel written by SlyWit.

The story investigates the humble origins of the princesses, and takes place over a thousand years before the events of the series.


The story is written in the third person. Much in the same manner as the novel Dune, each chapter begins with a quote that emphasizes a theme in the chapter. These quotes are attributed to the Candid Sayings of Celestia as recorded by her friends.

"Paradise" has been compared to the novel Watership Down, for its application of epic mythology to animals.

Plot summary

Celestia and Luna are born to a herd of earth ponies, not as alicorns, but as earth ponies themselves. Their colorful manes and coats stand in great contrast to the earthier appearances of the rest of their herd.

The two princesses-to-be spend their foalhood with the herd, until they both grow horns as young mares and must leave their parents and their herd to join the mysterious unicorns deep in the Everfree forest.

During their time among the unicorns, Luna and Celestia learn to use their new-found magic, and come into direct conflict with the unicorns' strict culture and rule system. Eventually things come to a head and the two ponies try to leave the unicorns, but are prevented from doing so and placed in captivity.

They eventually escape the unicorns and head out into the depths of the Everfree forest alone, in search of Pegasi to teach Luna how to use her newly-sprouted wings.

They journey to the mountain where the Pegasi call their home. They stay near a family, the mother of which is a story teller, and one of her youngest colts falls off the cliff.

Celestia, wingless, jump in after him, then lands safely on a cloud. During her fall, she had grown wings.

The two now-alicorns learn why the Pegasi don't consider themselves a herd: they are all equals and have nothing to fear but each other.


  • Celestia - the older pony sister. She is reckoned special by those who see her for the unique colors of her coat and mane. She is also the first one of the two to get her horn.
  • Luna - the younger pony sister, often following Celestia. She is the first one of the two to get her wings.
  • Whip Scar - Celestia and Luna's father.
  • Lightning Kick - Celestia and Luna's mother.
  • The shaman - a mysterious earth pony who tells Whip and Lightning of Celestia and Luna's great potential and important destiny. Her mannerisms and antics resemble that of Pinkie Pie.
  • Phantom Spell - the authoritarian chief of the unicorns.
  • Ebon Swift - a charming unicorn who quickly befriends the sisters.
  • Crescent Change - a slightly older unicorn who weaves material for unicorn use. She befriends the sisters and treats Luna kindly.
  • Silver Spear - a soft spoken unicorn who Phantom Spell keeps close due to his skill in combat magic.