Old Man Dusters
Other names Dusty, The Horn, Big C
Known as Professional Actor

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Old Man Dusters is the online alias of Callum Horncastle, a British actor and online entertainer, mostly known for his YouTube content, which ranges from Gaming, to Vlogs, to Comedy, etc.

He is more known to the Brony community however, as the author of the FanFiction, The Titan's Orb.

Joining the fandom shortly after the show's first season aired, Callum is a "veteran" Brony, and has seen the community in its best and worst moments.

However, his own work has seen its own ups and downs, his story has been rewritten thrice in order to appeal more to his readers, wanting The Titan's Orb to be the best it can possibly be. After eventually content with making the story a novel series, he has finalised the style of the story.

His written work features most of these elements.

  • Realistic and gritty situations
  • Contrasted dark and light tones, making each chapter a gamble
  • First person writing, from the protagonist's POV
  • Past-tense descriptions
  • Pushing boundaries in terms of social norms and conventional storytelling
  • A minimum of 5000 words per chapter
  • Combining fact and fiction to make scenes as convincing as possible


The Titan's Orb
Writer(s) Old Man Dusters
Date published 12th November, 2013
Words 168,623
Status Complete
Type/genre Adventure
Featuring The Mane Six, Celestia, Luna, OC
Story link(s)
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The Titan's Orb is a realistic adventure novel series.

It also crosses over with the Warcraft universe, and various elements from the Far Cry and Fallout universes.

The story is set on Earth from the first person perspective of the protagonist, a self-inserted version of Callum Horncastle himself, with a semi-altered background story.

The plot is set before My Little Pony's third season, a demi-god escapes from Tartarus and destroys Equestria's most valuable artefact, The Titan's Orb, sending it to Earth in the form of six shards. The Orb is the only thing protecting Equestria from outside dimensions, and so the Mane Six are sent to Earth to retrieve it, where they encounter Callum. Agreeing to assist in guiding the ponies in locating the orb, he embarks on the greatest adventure in human history.

To find The Titan's Orb.

Touching on sensitive subjects, such as suicide, death, sexual assault, and various mental health issues, the story has received extremely high praise for it's "Down to Earth" depictions on these subjects, alongside an appraisal for its intricate and well layered plot.


Being a novel series, Callum plans to expand on the Titan's Orb story, and will produce a number of novels to create a large and layered adventure story.

Rising Storm

The first sequel to TTO, Rising Storm has a darker tone as the group's adventure becomes more perilous.

Third Sequel

Callum has confirmed a 3rd instalment is in the works, its title and main plot us still unknown.

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