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Other names Nikki-Cola
Nikki Howell
Known as Voice actress
Talk show host
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Nicola Howell, also known as Nikki-Cola, is an Australian voice actress, singer, and talk show host. She is known for starring in projects headed by GamerSpax or with him involved, and her most popular role is Sweetie Belle. Due to being fairly new to voice acting, in most projects, she only works on some if GamerSpax is involved with directing her, and this is always the case whenever she is voicing Sweetie Belle. Her first role in MLP voice acting was NeoArtimus' Turnabout Storm.

Nikki is also known for co-hosting with GamerSpax in an online talk show called "TGTZ Interviews with GamerSpax & Nikki-Cola" in which she talks to many of the voice actors and writers of My Little Pony among others. She has since been dropped from GamerSpax's projects, and the two have ceased collaborating due to unclear circumstances.


Voice work

Published Title Voice Creator Notes
2012-09-09 Turnabout Storm Part 3/4 Twilight Sweetie Belle NeoArtimus
2013-10-25 Turnabout Storm Part 5 Sweetie Belle NeoArtimus
2014-09-12 Hooded Quickies: Heads and Tails, Part 1 Fluttershy GamerSpax
2014-09-23 Hooded Quickies: What Would You Do? Fluttershy GamerSpax
2014-09-24 Hooded Quickies: How Babies Are Made Sweetie Belle GamerSpax
2014-09-30 Hooded Quickies: The Last Marshmallow Sweetie Belle GamerSpax
2014-11-02 Hooded Quickies: In Which Sweetie Belle Gets Hugs Sweetie Belle GamerSpax
2014-11-14 Hooded Quickies: Age Unrestricted Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle GamerSpax
2015-02-02 Hooded Quickies: Little Sip Sweetie Belle GamerSpax