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Writer(s) AuroraDawn
Date published October 26, 2011
Type/genre Comedy
Featuring The mane 6
The Cutie Mark Crusaders
Based on MythBusters
Mythbuckers is a series of short stories written by AuroraDawn and eventually to be based on reader-submitted suggestions.[citation needed] Conceptually, it is an exploration of classic and cliche myths and narrative devices used in My Little Pony fan works, inspired by the television show MythBusters.


The story is written in the third-person, present tense and is primarily composed out of the characters' actions and dialog.

Plot of the first "episode"

Mythbuckers former coverart

The former coverart for Mythbuckers

In the first story, the mane 6 decide to test whether or not unicorn magic is subject to catastrophic failure whereupon the caster is distracted or startled. It quickly becomes obvious that although the ponies have a general idea of what they're supposed to do -- Applejack and Rainbow Dash trade off explaining stuff while Twilight operates the camera - they have almost no script and they seem to be broadcasting live and thus cannot afford multiple takes. They often break off on tangential arguments and discussions, especially once Pinkie Pie shows up with 300 mL of nitroglycerin in her saddlebags and reveals that she's got enough explosives in Sugar Cube Corner to level the entire town if they were to go off (she's not allowed to use gas stoves because of this).

The myth itself is tested by first startling Rarity with a thunderclap while she uses her magic to knit, and then by setting off Pinkie's nitroglycerin near Twilight while she concentrates on something. All that results is a scared Rarity, a briefly angry Twilight, and a distinct lack of space-time ruptures.

Plot of the second "episode"

In the second story, the mane 6 have been joined by the Cutie Mark Crusaders in their myth testing. This time around they read some potential myths to test sent in by their viewers and decide to do two myths: Does chocolate milk explode and do Pegasus wings break?

The mane 6 work on the wing fragility test while the CMC work on the chocolate milk test. The mane 6 create a replica wing and test it by first having Applejack kick it. The wing fails to break so the mane 6 then decide to blow it up with ammonium nitrate fuel oil. After colossal usage of the explosive substance, the replica Pegasus wing breaks along one of its bones. It is concluded that Pegasus wings are not indestructible but are not very fragile either.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders also discover that chocolate milk does indeed explode.


  • Pinkie Pie differs from her Hasbro counterpart in the sense that she now has extensive knowledge of pyrotechnics.

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