Mystery Mint
Image by ShadyHorseman
Other names Amy Heart
Kind Human
Pony (in fan labor)
Sex Female

Mystery Mint is a light blue-skinned human who appears in My Little Pony Equestria Girls and My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks. She belongs to the rocker group. Mystery's most notable accessory is her leopard-print scarf. Fan art usually depicts her as a unicorn because she doesn't have a set pony race. However, Mystery is occasionally seen as a Pegasus. Her cutie mark is a heart overlaid by a lightning bolt.

Mystery's cutie mark is similar to Sonata Dusk's, and her color scheme is similar to Sunny Flare's.

Depiction in fan labor

In the fan fiction "Mystery: Origins" by 4ScarfAce4,[1] Mystery has just moved across the Atlantic Ocean from Britain to America. As a result, she is quiet and uncertain throughout the first part of the story. Mystery has pride for her native country, and wants to show the whole school that "the English can rock."

In one piece of art, SJArt117, who named Mystery,[citation needed] suggests Mystery had settled into CHS slowly, and it took her a while to find her spot in the school.

In the fan fiction Steps Through the Portal,[2] Mystery appears in chapter 35. She's eager to find the portal and explore the pony world. She meets Spike and quickly initiates conversation with him.


The fan comic Adventures in Ponyville shows Mystery in a relationship with Paisley/Flower Child, another background human.

Another common pairing is "WreathyMint", shipping Mystery Mint and Indigo Wreath. Coincidentally, Mystery and Indigo appear together in the animated short Perfect Day for Fun]".

A third common ship is Mystery and Nolan North. They stand next to each other during Welcome to the Show in Rainbow Rocks.


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