Mysterious Muffin Mercenary Mare
Mysterious Muffin Mercenary Mare cover
A screenshot of gameplay
Programming futzi01
Art futzi01
Music BassRabbit
Date published July 30, 2012
Type of game 3rd person 2-D boss battle shooter
Platform/engine Adobe Flash
Featuring Derpy Hooves
Queen Chrysalis
Show connection A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2

Mysterious Muffin Mercenary Mare is a 3rd person 2-D boss battle shooter by futzi01 featuring art by PhantomBadger, HairyFox, Drud14, StarshineCelestials, BakaBrony, Midnight=Blitz, Sulyo, sircinnamon, Quanno3, MoongazePonies; as well as music by Bass Rabbit. Sound effect were taken from the Universal-Shoundbank, SoundFX Now!, and the show itself. According to futzi01, the game was created to be harder than all his other games.


Derpy Hooves has to defeat Queen Chrysalis in ranged combat. Armed with an automatic muffin launching cannon with infinite rounds, the player has to guide Derpy away from Chrysalis's deadly attacks as well as help her fire her muffin cannon at the changeling queen. If Derpy is hit ten times, she falls out of the air and her charred body is shown on-screen with the game over sign.


Derpy movement can be controlled with either the 'WASD' keys or the arrow keys. The player can press the spacebar to shoot, and can hold it down for automatic fire. As Chrysalis's health decreases, her variety of attacks increase.

Chrysalis's attacks

  • Chrysalis's first attack type is a burst of energy circles that will follow Derpy's movements. In order to be effectively avoided, the player must move Derpy out of the way at the last moment.
  • Chrysalis's second attack type is a fountain of crackling energy spheres that burst out of her horn. They arc towards the bottom of the screen after being fired upwards.
  • Chrysalis's third attack type is a volley of small burst of energy that are fired in all directions in one of three different circular patterns. The player is given a warning to the upcoming attack several seconds before it happens when Chrysalis charges her horn.
  • Chrysalis's fourth attack type involves her firing a green star that will hover in an area of the screen before exploding into the execution of her third attack type. Chrysalis will continue to attack after placing the stars, and as she gets more damaged, she will place more of the stars.

The game also features a hidden Easter egg where if the player enters the Konami Code during gameplay, Derpy will fly up off-screen to drop a potted plant, an anvil, a wagon, and a piano onto Chrysalis's head. A screen with a picture of a guilty looking Derpy is shown with the words "Oops! My bad." written across the top.

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