My little Pony: Uncommon Connection
Writer(s) Spitfire16
Words 3,591
Status Unfinished
Type/genre Comedy
Featuring The Mane 6
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
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My little Pony: Uncommon Connection is a fanfiction that has been in development since late 2010 to early 2011, the series hasn't seen online publication until 2012. The series draws inspiration from the Kingdom Hearts video game series and has plenty of references to the game and other TV and video game series. 

The story focuses around two humans who are sent to Ponyville after a night's rest. The two will now have to find a way to return home before their friends and families realize they're missing. The two humans create close relationships with the ponies of Ponyville and learn a few lessons themselves, somethings they missed back in the real world.


The story is originally done in transcript form but is converted to traditional novelization form on Fimfiction. It's original style can be found in its entirety on Pony Fiction Archive.

The novelization format has been named as My little Pony RE: Uncommon Connection on as well as Ponyfictionarchieve as a re-released and updated version from the original format.


In the world of reality Babe is preparing to settle in for a night's rest but upon falling asleep he is somehow sent to the Equestria and quickly befriends Twilight and her friends, he is easily able to get along with them because of his knowledge about them and their impact on Earth because of their television show (which the ponies are unaware of when Babe first mentions it). Not too long after his arrival his friend André arrives and he makes friends with the ponies as well. Twilight comes up with a hypothesis that their arrival is due to a summoning spell she recently tried.

As time goes on André and Babe eventually settle in with life in Ponyville and soon most of the citizens began to accept them into their society and culture. Princess Celestia sends the two boys an invitation to meet with her and Luna in Canterlot so that they can properly welcome the boys to Equestria, the meeting would take place in five days and in that time André and Babe spent as much time as possible with Twilight and the others, in belief that the letter was sent to inform them that Princess Celestia and Luna have found a way to return the two home.

The night of the fourth day strange break-ins and robberies take place in Ponyville. The next morning André is missing. Twilight heads out to visit Rarity's to see if Babe is ready for his meeting with the princesses however Twilight runs into Rarity in the town square where they discover about the criminal events that have taken place the night before. André and Babe arrive but are coldly greeted by the citizens of Ponyville, who identify them as the ones responsible. Twilight and Rarity defend the two but Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy arrive and furthered their guilt with additional proof of their incriminating actions. Princess Celestia arrives and shows proof that it was André and Babe who have done all the things the ponies explained, Twilight and Rarity are struck in disbelief and slowly turn their backs on the two boys. Celestia gives the two exile from Ponyville and the two reluctantly leave but later decides to use their exile as a chance to clear their names.

Along the way André and Babe come across Chrysalis. Babe immediately knows Chrysalis used her power to shape shift into him and André to make it seem like they were the ones responsible for the robberies and break-ins. Chrysalis overpowers the boys and take them to her new home, a large tower which she calls "Changeling Tower", once the two reawakens she tells them that she plans on keeping the two trapped in the tower so she can feed off of their love for Twilight and the other ponies in Ponyville seeing as how their feelings for them are some of the strongest she's ever felt. She tells the two she plans on attacking the next day and that she managed to steal the Elements of Harmony. She goes off to rest leaving André and Babe in their cells helplessly. Luckily Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo had arrived and freed them from their prison cell. The CMC's tells the two that they followed them because they know they're innocent.

André, Babe and the CMC's hurry back to Ponyville and informed the other ponies of what was going to happen. Soon after Chrysalis arrived behind them and attacked. André, Babe, Twilight and the others take shelter in the library and came up with a plan to stop Chrysalis while she fights with Celestia. The mane6, André and Babe rush back to Changeling Tower to retrieve the Elements of Harmony. While a minor issues occur the gang managed to retrieve the elements but upon returning to Ponyville they find that Princess Celestia and Luna have been defeated by Chrysalis and her army of Changelings. Celestia apologizes to Babe and André and ask Twilight and the others to use the elements to stop Chrysalis in Canterlot.

After a tough battle the mane6 managed to defeat the dark queen by banishing her to an unknown location, a minor setback happens and the six sent André and Babe to the moon. The two stay on the moon for a short time before they arrived back in Ponyville, they arrive in the same spot they were in when they first arrived. The two are reunited with Twilight and the others and are given praise by the ponies of Ponyville who appreciated their act of heroism.

Four months later Celestia asks for Babe and André to meet her in Canterlot, upon arriving the two boys are given the news of returning home with the combined power of Celestia and Luna. Celestia and Luna further explain that since they weren't supposed to be in Ponyville in the first place the memories of André and Babe will be erased and it'll be as if they never existed. Twilight and the others are obviously highly upset about this but they are all reassured by André who tells them that they will be in their hearts just in a place they can't reach.

After a tearful farewell, on the mane6's end, André and Babe are returned home and the memories of them are erased. Time seemingly repeats itself and goes back to when Twilight was first going to attempt the summoning spell. Before she could cast the spell she stops herself claiming she won't know what would happen. Spike reminds her that they have to meet with Rarity and the others for important business and Twilight agrees. The two headed off, going back to Ponyville to meet with their friends.


Uncommon Connection II

A few months have passed since the Changeling attack in Ponyville. Back in reality there appears to be a fight between André, Babe and their friend. The two are unable to bare being around the disputations any longer and decided to leave. As they left André expresses that they should get new friends, since when they argue things tend to get out of hand, Babe tells him not to worry about it before they went their separate ways. André thinks about what he said during the argument and wonders if he can really be called someone's friend if he's willing to cut the ties with someone over a argument.

In Ponyville Twilight and Spike are out food shopping. Spike takes notice that Twilight constantly asks if they're "forgetting something" even when knowing they had everything they need. On their way back to the library Twilight asks Spike if he remembers the two boy's that used to be around them all of the time, Spike doesn't recall but Twilight knows she met two boys although she doesn't quite remember it. Fluttershy sees Twilight and Spike nearby and goes to say hi. Twilight asks Fluttershy is she remembers anything of two boys they met in the past and strangely Fluttershy does recall meeting two boys, she also notes that she seems them as minor images in her head and that they definitely weren't ponies but that was what made them familiar. Spike believes the two shared some kind of dream which they all marked as strange. Twilight and Fluttershy began to regain memories from the past and have a variety of callbacks to the two boys, suddenly the two passed out from a strange case of fatigue.

In the midst of a dark dream André dwells in the coldness of his own words. A voice managed to reach him and he recognizes the voice as Twilight's. The two have a small conversation which lead to Twilight remembering André's voice as well, André is confused and tells Twilight it's impossible that they have met because Twilight doesn't exist. Twilight is saddened by his cold statement but André apologizes and tells her he's just confused.

André awakens and finds that he is falling out of the sky with Babe. Before the two hit the ground they are saved by Pegasus and Unicorn pony. Once they safely landed they notice where they were and they were having a dream about My little Pony. The two are confused as to how they both can have the same dream and decided to see who was truly the one dreaming by inflicting pain onto each other. Both being able to feel pain. The two are introduced to the unicorn that helped save them and they quickly befriend her. Meanwhile Twilight is dreaming of past events in which André and Babe were apart of however the two were replaced by an unfamiliar mare.

Once Twilight had woken up Spike is relived to see that she was ok, Spike tells her that Fluttershy had already waken up and that she had left a little while ago. Twilight then explained to Spike that as she dreamed the two boys who she identified earlier began to fade away in her memory but at the same time she began remembering the mare she had recently dreamed about, stating that while she had to go away a long time ago they were still friends by heart. Spike reveals that while he doesn't remember any boys he does remember a mare. Twilight remembers the mare but doesn’t seem to recall a name.

The boys arrival back in Equestria has led to a series of events, including them not remembering anything from their past stay and experiences. This doesn't last long as their return caused their own memories to return to their rightful place, restoring the natural order of Friendship. Twilight and the others begin to remember André and Babe and forget about Memori, remembering less and less of her Friendship with Twilight and the others Memori is left confused.

She is starting realizing everything she used to see and hear was changed to "André" or "Babe" but the more she refused to believe the more the Friendship was in a violent tug of war between them all which would soon begin to effect the Elements of Harmony which are connected to the Hearts of Twilight and the others.

The elements are able to remember André and Babe's time in Equestria and they began and soon the two co-rulers of Equestria step in to restore everyone's memories to the way they were, therefore saving the Friendship between Babe, André, the mane6 and all the ponies connected to the two boys as well as restoring the Elements of Harmony to their natural purity. André and Babe are once again reunited Twilight and the others in Ponyville.

With everything restored back to the way it was André and Babe are finally able to reconnect with their pony friends and experience deeper connections that greatly impact each other. Eventually the two boys are invited to visit the Fillyppines to meet and befriend lots of other ponies, as well as getting the chance to see more lands in the Pony world. They promised Twilight and the other's they'd return as soon as they could.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming if a follow up to the second series. It shows what André and Babe have been doing in their spare time in the Fillyppines while Twilight and the others carried on with their daily lives in Ponyville.

Princess Luna tasks André and Babe with protecting the dreams of Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash against their nightmares which are tied to the boys relationship with the ponies. While Luna can stop the nightmares from haunting the ponies dreams there is nothing stopping Twilight and the others from continuing on having the nightmares.

Luna feels that the two are capable of helping them and asks if the two will help to which they agreed. Luna uses her powers to send the two into The world of Sleep, there the two individually help each of their friends in their dreams. Helping them conquer the fear that is hidden deep within their hearts.

Twilight, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy now have renewed trust and belief in André and Babe after the two successfully managed to aid them even in a world not of their own reality. Babe encounters Memori in her own dream and she attacks him for taking her "life" and Babe is forced to fight her.

After being narrowly defeated Memori comes to peace with not ever truly being alive and never having friends but a meeting with Luna reassures her that everything will be alright and that she should trust in the future and believe that everything will work out fine.

Uncommon Connection III(part 1)

After spending a month and a half away in the Fillyppines André and Babe return to Equestria and are greeted by Twilight and the others at the Manehatten docks. After a happy reunion the two boy's go to visit Princess Celestia to share with her their experience in the Fillyppines. After catching up with the princess André has a run in with Zecora (seemingly due to a teleportation spell mix up by Celestia). Afterwards Princes Luna is shown sitting with Memori once again discussing her existence. Luna asks if Memori could pick a new name to go by which would she chose, after thinking it over she comes up with the name "Harmony".

A few days later Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, André and Babe receive a letter from Princess Celestia, which reads:

"Dear, everypony I wanted to tell you all right away about all the things that have lead Twilight to where she is today. It is because of all of you that Twilight has found the true meaning of friendship. Because of you she has shown great potential and the quality of something a lot more than just a student. I request that you all bear with me as I am preparing one final test for Twilight. If all goes accordingly she will restore everything to its natural order and realize her true destiny. Things may shatter but the old pieces will all lead up to your new future.

The truth behind friendship has found its way into so many ponies but it shines ever so brightly within all of you. I ask you to join Twilight in her final test…she will need the power of all of her friends to realize what sleeps within her. She needs you, it's possible everything you've learned have led up to this point as well, and I've known from the very beginning that there were no coincidences. The next chapter to friendship is ready to be discovered.

There will be a celebration in Canterlot for Twilight's success on the 16th of February if she succeeds. This letter is a personal invitation to you all to join us in this truly memorable event." Sincerely, Princess Celestia

The letter goes into detail revealing a final test for Twilight and the test will require all of their participation(foreshadowing the events of Magical Mystery Cure).

The 16th of February arrives and André has a nightmare of his friends attacking him but before the dream could get any worse he is awakened by Babe who reminds him it was the day of Twilight's celebration. The two rushed to Canterlot and narrowly managed to make it although they were still arrived later than expected as they were supposed to be alongside Applejack and the other's in the castle with Twilight.

Twilight makes her speech to all the ponies in Canterlot and thanks them for everything, revealing to her human friends that she has become an Alicorn princess. Eventually the two boy's meet with Twilight and they congratulate her on her reaching her destiny, André asks Twilight to never forget them but she assures him that she could never forget her friends and that without them she wouldn't have made it thus far. She states to all of her friends "Everything will be just fine".

A couple of days have passed since Twilight's coronation. Applejack and the other's arrive in Canterlot with invitations to accompany Twilight during the Festival of Stars, an event where thousands of stars bliss the night sky by soaring overhead of all those who watch, Babe suggests getting lunch since they have time before the festival starts, André tells them to go ahead without him and they do so.

While this time of peace and fun is shined upon in Equestria it doesn't last long as crystal meteors fall from the sky and ponies all over are being trapped within crystal prisons. Twilight, Celestia and Luna are horrified at the sight and are confronted by a cloaked unicorn. Celestia and Luna are trapped within crystal as all the other ponies and only Twilight remains it is here that the cloaked unicorn reveals that he has also trapped Shinning Armor and Cadence into crystal as well. André arrives and sees Celestia and Luna trapped. The cloaked unicorn attacks Twilight, who is frozen in fear, but his attack hits André who managed to push Twilight out of the way at the last second. Twilight as well as Applejack, Babe and the rest of the mane6 (who recently arrived) witness their friend being attacked. André tells Twilight not to worry since he knows that she will stop the cloaked unicorn and fades away with a smile on his face before fading into a heavy darkness which took him away.

Princess Celestia and Luna managed to break out of their crystal prisons and face the cloaked unicorn once again. Celestia orders Twilight to run and she does so with the remainder of her friends. After a brief struggle Celestia managed to unmask the cloaked figure and he is revealed to be a revived King Sombra. Sombra mentions that he managed to return thanks to his leader who is described as a "powerful unicorn with untouchable magic". The dark king provokes the two princesses about the loss of André by showing them what happened using a magical screen. Seeing this infuriates Celestia and she is overcome by dark magic and uses it to attack Sombra. Luna is shocked by this managed to calm Celestia down before she could do anything she'd regret to Sombra. Seeing now was his chance Sombra retaliates by transforming into a huge dragon version of himself allowing himself to be more than a match for the two princesses.

On the outskirts of Ponyville Twilight and the other's sit helplessly as they are unaware of what to do. Twilight heavily laments over the loss of her friend. With words of encouragement from Rainbow Dash she tells Twilight she isn't the only one affected by their loss but every single one of the mane6 are as well, this shown as they are all in tears (with the exception of Babe). Rainbow Dash asks Twilight to not let everything André did for her be for nothing. Twilight remembers André's words of encouragement and is ready to do what she can to help, her friends standing behind her. Together the group ventured out to the Crystal Empire to free Cadence and Shining Armor.

Thanks to a teleportation spell Twilight manages to get herself and her friends to the Crystal Empire in no time. The group wastes no time in looking for Shining Armor and Cadence, the group eventually made it to the throne room of the castle and finds the two trapped in crystal. Somehow Twilight reaches into her hidden potential and manages to free Shining Armor and Cadence from their crystal prisons. A family reunion is had but it doesn't last, Twilight quickly informs the two of Sombra's return but Cadence and Shining Armor reveal they were already aware of it .

When asked how bad things have gotten Twilight tells them that Canterlot was hit hard and that Celestia and Luna are currently holding Sombra off, she also mentions the passing of André. Cadence and Shining Armor are shocked but after a small realization Cadence tells Twilight that she believes he's not really gone as she can feel him. She informs Twilight and the other's that if they can believe in him then it's possible for their love and connections to bring him back.

While everything is occurring in Equestria André is falling into the darkest pit of his end. He slowly began forgetting everything and was on the verge of forgetting his friends and family but a familiar voice reaches out to him and reminds him that it wasn't his time yet. Suddenly a warm light engulfs the cold darkness and André stands before Twilight and the other's, who quickly embraced him upon seeing him alive and well.

Afterwards Cadence plans to head back to Canterlot with Twilight and the other's to help Luna and Celestia against Sombra while Shining Armor stays behind in the Crystal Empire to help anypony who hasn't been prisoned in crystal. After their goodbyes Twilight, Cadence and the other's quickly make their way back to Canterlot.

Shortly after arriving the group discover that more ruin had been brought to the once glamorous city and things have worsened upon seeing Sombra in his new form. The group eventually meet up with Celestia and Luna and form a plan to stop him once and for all. Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie agreed to gather as many citizens as possible and get them to a safe location while Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Twilight and Rainbow Dash try to take on Sombra. Twilight puts André on her back and he flies alongside her, Fluttershy was too afraid of Sombra to help so she and Babe were forced to go into hiding. It quickly became apparent that Sombra was more than enough to overcome the combined efforts of the princesses but the combined hidden strengths of Luna and Celestia managed to revert Sombra back to his original state however he was far from out and their battle continues with Rainbow Dash being knocked out in one attack. André, Babe and Fluttershy takes Rainbow Dash away from the fight allowing Twilight, Cadence, Celestia and Luna to handle Sombra on their own.

Despite the numerous advantages the princesses managed to gain Sombra managed to overcome them leading to one final beam struggle between the two sides . At the train station Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Babe and André prepare to leave Canterlot with all the ponies who were turned to crystal but before they can do so they encounter another cloaked figure who apologizes for Sombra's sudden attack as he wasn't supposed to have his plans put into action yet. Before they could get any answers time rewinds itself to the when the mane6 first arrived to Canterlot for the festival. The events go as they did before however no attack was made and the festival went on as planned. Twilight and the other's happily sitting under the beautiful shooting stars.

After the festival passes the days continue on with Twilight continuing her duties as princess and André and Babe spending more time with their friends in Ponyville. During that time André makes enough money working with the Apple family to buy his own house in Ponyville, Rarity accidently turns Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and herself into fillies again leaving only Pinkie Pie and André to take care of them, Babe tries to handle Applejack's position for cider season since she's come down with a cold, Trixie arrives back in Ponyville to redeem herself and the group befriends a lost Phoenix.

Overtime Celestia calls André for a personal meeting with her in Canterlot. There Celestia explains her distrust in Discord as well as her questionable role as a leader. She admits her own doubts in her own abilities and believes Discord is trying to ease his way into Luna's head for unknown reasons, Celestia even began showing signs of regret in having Twilight discover her destiny so soon. André manages to reach Celestia and let's her know that everything she's done was for good reason, and that was to make all of her subjects happy and reminds her that nobody is born perfect but they do what they can to ensure something near perfection, happiness. Celestia thanks him and asks her human friend o be by Twilight's side with the other's if Celestia, herself, cannot.

Later on André meets with Spike and Trixie (who had underwent a major change after spending time with the mane6 and earning their friendship) near the town square. Discord reveals himself to the trio and André mentions that they needed to talk about something important however Discord playfully avoided the conversation which caused André, Trixie and Spike to question Discord's role as their friend. Discord then decides to leave the trio with a "secret". He explains that there are lost souls somewhere in their world and they're hurting, he links their hurt and unhappiness to Celestia's position as a leader and their unhappiness could lead to an unfortunate event in the future if nothing is done about it. While the three friends didn't understand what Discord meant he tells them it depends on where they're looking at situation:

"The past, when things were being planned out"

"The present, where things are being put into motion."


"The future, where all our threads will connect to one fate, how we get there is up to us but how we change it is in our destiny."

Seeing the confused looks on their faces Discord disappears with a smile on his face. Trixie believes that Discord is only trying to trick them and Spike agrees. The trio decided to go out to see a movie to clear their minds of Discords riddle, André tried thinking more on what Discord could've meant but decided to leave it alone and enjoy the day with his friends.


An in between scenario that takes place in between the first and second half of series 3. The events of Recollection will set up hints for events that'll eventually happen in the future. It will also set the stage for the second half of Uncommon Connection III.

Twilight receives a mysterious letter and tries to uncover its meaning along with Princess Celestia. The letter's meaning, while short, goes far beyond Twilight's capacity of understanding and connects well back into the past.

Recollection will go into detail about Star Swirl's previous misdoings and misdeeds in order to gain Alicorn power, including the ones he hurt in the process. Recollection will also show a complimation of flashbacks that links to each message.

Uncommon Connection III(part 2/finale)

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