My Little Pony Physics Presentation
Creator(s) beatledude64
Date added May 20, 2011
Duration 9:48

My Little Pony Physics Presentation is a YouTube video of a high school student giving a physics presentation on My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The video became a viral sensation several days after it was uploaded and was featured on several news outlets, including the Huffington Post[1] and the Tosh.0 blog. The Huffington Post article erroneously refers to him as "Stephen Magnet", a pseudonym and reference to the fan name for the sea serpent from the show's pilot.

The assignment was to find three physical impossibilities in a movie or TV show and prove them incorrect or correct using physics. The three scenes that were analyzed in the video were from Sonic Rainboom (the acceleration of Rainbow Dash rescuing Rarity), Applebuck Season (Applejack launching Rainbow Dash into the air), and The Cutie Mark Chronicles (Fluttershy falling from Cloudsdale onto a group of butterflies).
"Stephen Magnet" having the time of his life

Having the time of his life.

Stephen Magnet received an initial score of 100% on the assignment, but later had extra points added, making it 107%.[citation needed] As a result of the video's popularity, Hasbro sent "Stephen Magnet" a box of pony merchandise.

This video is the origin of the "Dark matter ponies" meme.


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