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The My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki, or FiM Wiki, is a wiki, hosted by the Wikia corporation, all about My Little Pony Friendship is Magic show. The wiki is nearly always up to date with an article about every single episode before and after its release, an article for all the ponies with speaking roles as well as articles for many with significant background/supporting roles. It features separate articles for show allusions, episode transcripts, official songs, friendship reports, animation, and the show's credits. Additionally, it features articles catering to things not directly related to the show, such as the official toys, commercials, and games.

Episode articles[]

Each episode article is generally organized in the following order:

  1. A brief summary describing key plot details and the episode's air date, which is made available on the wiki as soon as the episode is announced.
  2. A detailed summary "chapterized" by order of significant events.
  3. Quotes taken from the episode.
  4. A gallery of screenshots from the episode.

Character articles[]

Each character article is generally organized as follows:

  1. A brief summary of the character including his/her immediate relations and first appearance.
  2. A detailed summary of his/her studio development.
  3. How he/she is depicted in the series, starting with his/her personality.
  4. A detailed list of his/her skills.
  5. The character's history (chronological happenings before episode 1 season 1)
  6. The character's familial relations.
  7. Detailed character depictions in other official sources (such as
  8. Quotes spoken by the character.
  9. A gallery of screenshots involving the character taken from the show.

Fan art[]

The wiki is featured in fan art by GSphere which alludes to its policy of requiring reliable sources for statements about the fan community. Specifically in the comic, Lyra attempts to change her name from "Heartstrings" back into Lyra, but her account is blocked for "Failure to cite sources". It is then revealed that Trollestia is the pony who performed the ban.


The FiM Wiki was founded as a fan-labor wiki for the FiM community that was based around 4chan's comics and cartoons imageboard. Seeing how the wiki's subject matter naturally led to children using the site, the wiki's founder, Throwawaytv, shifted its focus to be appropriate for all ages. The wiki's practices draw heavily from Wikipedia, except in the areas of notability and original research, wherein anything directly from the show, Hasbro, or the show's crew itself is notable, and original research pertaining to the aforemention official material is permitted.