Kind Zebra
Sex Female
Fan voice(s) Eileen "EileMonty" Montgomery (EPRBoE #3)

Zecora is a foreign zebra who plays a role in certain episodes, like Bridle Gossip. While not part of the main cast, she is a major character with numerous appearances in the show in which she helps the Mane Six. Zecora lives secluded in the Everfree Forest and is notable for always speaking through rhyme.

Use in fan labor

The show never indicates whether Zecora speaks through rhyme as a personal choice or because she has to. Lunar Slander pokes fun at this by having Zecora get frustrated when she can't think of a rhyme. She often serves as either a voice of reason and commonly plays the role of traditional doctor for the ponies of Ponyville.


Zecora is close to Apple Bloom and the Mane Six, her first friends from Ponyville. Said characters often go to Zecora due to her knowledge on medicine and the supernatural.

Being a zebra, numerous works revolve around Zecora being discriminated against by ponies. In Episode 7 of The Mentally Advanced Series, the Mane Six attempt to drive her away from Ponyville. Striped Like Me, an alternate version of Bridle Gossip, revolves around Applejack's prejudice towards the zebra.



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