Workshop/This Day Was Supposed to be Perfect
Megatron Queen

Writer(s) gojira012
Date published January 1, 2013
Words 1,154
Status Complete
Featuring Queen Chrysalis
Related to Transformers Prime
Show connection A Canterlot Wedding
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This Day was Supposed to be Perfect is a story by gojira012 The Story takes place during the Canterlot Wedding, it is a one shot story that tells how Queen Chrysalis is now Megatron's (From the Prime series) slave.


The story begins with Chrysalis singing the This Day Aria in the events that Transpired Megatron has revealed to have killed Princess Celestia, Luna, Cadence and Shinging Armour while the rest have been imprisioned. The Queen attempts to resist only to get crushed, killing the hatchlings inside her. Megatron then says he will spare her if she becomes his servant. The changlings care for their master. The story ends with Chrysalis wishing for someone to love while accepting this as her fate.

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