Hooves of Fury
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Writer(s) Lock Target
Date published March 8, 2012
Words 9,189
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Sad
Alternate Universe
Featuring Fluttershy
Based on Putting Your Hoof Down

Hooves of Fury Part 1 is a novel created by Lock Target. It follows the saga with Fluttershy accidentally signing up for Canter-Clash. Apple Bloom has been ponynapped by the mysterious T. and it's up to Fluttershy to save her.


Rarity, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash attend a mixed fighting tournament called "Canter-Clash" via invitation by Fancypants. Fluttershy gets separated from them by the crowd trying to get an autograph from a contender which Rainbow begins to geek about.

On the other side of the crowd, Fluttershy finds herself at the sign-up counter rather then the ticket booth. She meets a half-manticore, half-griffin named Grace who mistakes Fluttershy for a contender and signs her up for the tournament under the pseudonym, "Hidden Dragon".

As the tournament progresses, Fluttershy's friends have been injured by the mysterious T. and their cohorts. One by one, the four that came to Canterlot, save for AJ, were hospitalized and T. ponynapped Apple Bloom who came to visit Granny Smith. Now, with the help of AJ, Spike, General Command and the Knights of the Triangular Table, Fluttershy must find T. and rescue Apple Bloom.

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