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The Workshop is a section of the wiki dedicated to hosting pages that do not yet meet the wiki's standards and therefore cannot be posted to the main namespace as a "proper" article. This is practically always because they are too short: at least one vital component is missing. For fan fiction pages, this is usually a proper summary; for character pages, some specific fan fiction and/or fan art examples to go with a broad claim (like "character X is frequently shipped with character Y"). Suggestions for what can be added are included in the template at the top of every page.

Pages that are moved here can be worked on and and improved in peace, without the kind of time pressure an insufficient article meets in the main section of the wiki. The Workshop is therefore an alternative to outright deletion. It is also a way to create a page in stages instead of having to write it in one go. But it should be noted that the pages can be worked on by anyone who wants to, not just the person who created the page originally.

For discussion of Workshop pages, use the page's software-specified talk page. If the page is moved to the mainspace, the talk page should be left intact with a soft redirect to the watercooler forum placed at the top.

Please note that pages can be deleted from the Workshop, but only after a much longer period of virtual inactivity than the deletion window for the main namespace. Please avoid creating new galleries or adding images to existing ones; galleries are always a bonus and prose sections need to be expanded first.

A manually maintained listing by category can be found below; under that can be found a link to a full listing of pages in the workshop that updates automatically (and is in alphabetical order).

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