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This is a list of guides for common page types on this wiki, containing advice on how to write certain kinds of articles. Except where noted otherwise, the suggestions in these guides are to be considered recommendations, not prescriptions. Good articles come in many different shapes and formats, and every article is different.

Adapted versions of most of these guides are also used for the preformatted article templates available on the front page or below. Both versions are written with newcomers in mind both to this wiki, and to wiki editing generally. The presets assume that the editor is using the default "visual mode"; more experienced users are welcome to use "source mode" and disregard the visual-mode-specific instructions.

If you know you want to work on a page for several days, please note that on the page itself so an administrator can move it to the wiki Workshop (which is, among other things, a temporary place for article drafts) if your first draft is too short to meet the wiki standards. You can also move your page to the Workshop yourself by copy&pasting Project:Workshop/ (including the slash) into the relevant field below in front of the title of your page.

List of guides

Create a new page

<createbox> preload=Template:PldFanfic editintro=Template:PldFanfic/Message buttonlabel=Fan fiction width=20 </createbox>

<createbox> preload=Template:PldCharacters editintro=Template:PldCharacters/Message buttonlabel=Character width=17 </createbox>

<createbox> preload=Template:PldFancomics editintro=Template:PldFancomics/Message buttonlabel=Fan comic width=20 </createbox>

<createbox> preload=Template:PldVideos editintro=Template:PldVideos/Message buttonlabel=Video width=20 </createbox>

<createbox> preload=Template:PldFangames editintro=Template:PldFangames/Message buttonlabel=Fan game width=20 </createbox>

<createbox> preload=Template:PldMusicians editintro=Template:PldMusicians/Message buttonlabel=Music width=20 </createbox>

<createbox> preload=Template:PldAuthors editintro=Template:PldAuthors/Message buttonlabel=Author width=22 </createbox>

<createbox> preload=Template:PldArtists editintro=Template:PldArtists/Message buttonlabel=Artist width=20 </createbox>

<createbox> preload= buttonlabel=Blank page width=20 </createbox>