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About the wiki

As its name suggests, the My Little Pony Fan Labor Wiki is a wiki for fan labor related to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. If something or someone is connected to the fandom of the show and halfway popular, he/she/it deserves an encyclopedia entry on this wiki.

As an encyclopedia, the articles are a place for factual - and preferably verifiable - information. Opinions are welcome in the comment sections, but the wiki as a whole is not a blog, nor is it a roleplaying platform or an indiscriminate image repository. The wiki tries not to replicate information that already exists on the show-related wiki; so while we do have pages and galleries for the main characters, for instance, their purpose is to inform how these characters are received and used by the fandom.

Our main "rules of the road" are laid out in our guidelines. They differ from those of many other wikis, including Wikipedia and the FiM Wiki, and reflect the consensus of whatever the current crop of most active users agrees the wiki should be about. Within those bounds, anyone can edit any regular article or create a new one outright. The wiki welcomes all such content with almost no restrictions. There are three major exceptions:

  • The wiki does not, generally, host primary works.
Detailed explanation
  • That means you cannot create a page for your own original character or fan fic and post their biographies or the text of your story there.
  • If the story is hosted elsewhere, however, you can create a page and write a summary of the story. That summary can also include whatever your original characters are doing in the story.
  • Posting your own images is allowed in moderation.
  • Posting images created by other people is also allowed in moderation, but if you upload more than a couple, please ask the creator first.
  • The wiki should only describe things that have been made public.
Detailed explanation
  • This is because, in general, every article has to editable by anyone.
  • In practice, this means that e.g. fan fiction and comic pages may only be created if a link to that story is included in the page, and may only describe chapters that have already been published.
  • Upcoming material of any sort can still be mentioned, but the wiki cannot be the first place to announce it. This also applies to a creator's intentions or other comments about his/her own work or its reception.
  • It also means that you should not do "original research" when it comes to describing real people. Only information freely divulged by the person in question (whether on their own websites or channels, or in interviews) is allowed on the wiki.
  • The wiki does not allow excessively violent or sexual content.
Detailed explanation
  • In part, this is a restriction imposed by our host, wikia, and therefore non-negotiable. Even if that wasn't the case, it is general consensus to keep the wiki at least vaguely family-friendly.
  • Articles about mature content (like grimdark comics, games and fanfics) are still allowed, as long as the gruesome or pornographic parts are not described explicitly, and as long as there is a disclaimer on the page.
  • Posting, embedding or directly linking to images of a violent or sexual nature is not allowed at all. Borderline cases are up to the discretion of the administrators.
  • Strong language, "self-censored" or not, is not allowed on articles (with the exception of transcript pages). Strong language in other areas of the wiki (including comments, blogs and forum threads) is discouraged and may be removed if insufficiently "bleeped".