My Little Pony: Ace Attorney - School Yard Trials

Creator(s) Thesonicx666
Date published Unreleased
Type of game Visual Novel
Platform/engine Adobe Flash
Featuring Apple Bloom

Diamond Tiara, Scootaloo

Part of My Little Pony: Ace Attorney series
Based on Ace Attorney

 Based on the fan fiction story's, Ace Attorney: Apple Bloom, Ace Attorney: Diamond Tiara, and Ace Attorney: Scootaloo, the game serves as a video game adaption of the original stories, and is mainly used as practise for, My Little Pony - Ace attorney: Trials in Equestria.

Currently the game is set to be released in mid 2015, but that might change.


The game features simialer gameplay to the original Ace Attorney, with no added gimmicks like Psyche Locks , and features no investigation sequences, just straight up Court room drama!



Turnabout Theft

When Diamond Tiara is accused of stealing lunch money from Dinky Doo, she is put on trial by her class. Apple Bloom, who believes Diamond to be innocent, takes the stand to defend her.

False Alarm Turnabout

When Silver Spoon is accused of pulling a false alarm on the school, Cheerilee's class convince their teacher to hold a second class trial to determine Silver Spoon's guilt.

Diamond Tiara, the defendent's best friend, offers to defend her during this trial.

Turnabout Vandal

The third classroom trial is underway. This time, the defendant is Sweetie Belle, and as Cheerilee is no longer in charge, the defence attorney Scootaloo may find that she'll have to exercise different techniques in order to carry her friend towards a 'Not Guilty' verdict.

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