My Little Hang Glider
My Little Hang Glider by Mihasik
Creator(s) Mihasik
Music SoarinFlight
Date published January 21 2012
Type of game Pseudo-3d game
Platform/engine PC


Featuring Scootaloo
Based on Astroflyer

My Little Hang Glider is a fanmade game created by Mihasik, it features Scootaloo on a homemade glider as she flies across Equestria avoiding several obstacles while collecting as many apples as she can. This game is unique as Scootaloo can be controled by either the mouse on PC's while those with touchpads can use this as an alternative.



Mouse - Movement

Left Mouse Btn - Speed Boost


Tilt Screen - Movement

Screen - Speed Boost


The goal of the game is to help Scootaloo fly through a series of obstacles in order to pass to the next level, complete the third level and you win the game, along the way, you must attempt to collect as many apples as you can, these apples can also help show you the best route to avoid coliding with an obstacle.

Lvl 1 - Cloudsdale

The first level starts off in cloudsdale as you have to go through several cloud rings, dodge rows of pillars and fly around caldrons of liquid rainbow.

Lvl 2 - Ghastly Gorge

When you reach this level you will drop down near the river as you enter a cave avoiding the hanging rocks, as you exit the cave you have to manuvure through the spiky bushes into the caves where the quarray eels will shoot out.

Lvl 3 - Sonic Rainboom

In the last level, you start to approch several rings as the become closer and shorter causing a small tube like path, you will have to fly carefully through the tube avoiding the coloured walls as the tube starts to change shape halfway through, eventually, the tube will widen as you finish off the level after a wave of apples come.

If durring any of the levels you crash into something, you will get the option whether you want to reset the flight from the begining of the current level or start a new flight, if you pick either, all apples you have collected will be reset to zero.

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