My Little Ace Attorney: Elements of Justice
Elements of Justice mock cover art by TheAljavis
Official cover, done in Ace Attorney's style
Creator(s) TheAljavis
Duration 56:16 (case 1 part 1)
Status In-progress
Voices Listed below
Type/genre Courtroom drama
Based on Ace Attorney

My Little Ace Attorney: Elements of Justice is a video series by TheAljavis. It is a crossover between My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the Ace Attorney video game series and a fan-made sequel to the MLP/Ace Attorney crossover Turnabout Storm. Eight years after the events of Turnabout Storm, Phoenix Wright is summoned to Equestria once again to solve the mystery behind a recent string of murders.

Like Turnabout Storm, Elements of Justice takes after the Ace Attorney series' visual novel style and incorporates original character sprites and voice acting. Aside from the prospective video format, the creator is also making the series available in text format.

Elements of Justice is set to be comprised of five cases: "Turnabout Theatre", "Turnabout Crusaders", "Turnabout Wonderbolt", "Turnabout Brother" and "Turnabout Friendship". Turnabout Storm creator NeoArtimus is not involved with the sequel but has wished TheAljavis good luck with his project.


8 years after being summoned to Equestria, Phoenix Wright, along with Athena Cykes, Apollo Justice, and Trucy Wright, have been summoned to Equestria again. Twilight Sparkle, now an alicorn with the title, Princess of Friendship, was the one who summoned them, because murder is happening in Equestria again.

Phoenix and his friends will join Twilight and her friends as they defend the innocent ponies who were framed, and try to solve the mystery of why more and more murders have been occurring in the land of Equestria. Could it be a coincidence, or is there a dark entity looming around these murders?


Case 1: Turnabout Theatre


My Little Pony

Ace Attorney

Original characters

  • Sonata -
  • Playwright - DJ Zapple
  • Guard 1 - Julius Gem
  • Guard 2 - TheAljavis



Elements of Justice (OFFICIAL TRAILER) Ace Attorney x MLP

Elements of Justice (OFFICIAL TRAILER) Ace Attorney x MLP

Official trailer

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