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Friendship is Magic-inspired music includes remixes based on songs composed for the show, original songs, and original instrumental music. It covers a wide variety of styles and genres: orchestral, acoustic, and electronic music; pop, rock, dubstep, house, and eurobeat, among others. The phenomenon of brony music has been reported on by Rolling Stone magazine and The Daily Dot.[1][2]

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Musician General style Song spotlights
AcousticBrony Rock Loyalty
I'll Fly Higher
And The Rainfall Experimental Summer Sun (Centuries Later)
Alex S. Dubstep Party With Pinkie

Ultimate Sweetie Belle

Applejinx Pop/Rock/Country We're On To Somethin' Good

Discord Welcome Home

Assertive Fluttershy Electronic Boo Hoo
Aviators Electropop One Last Letter
Spirit of Chaos

Open your Eyes

Baschfire Orchestral
BeatleBrony Pop/rock
BlackGryph0n Dubstep Take Me to Equestria
Proud To Be A Brony
Bronyfied Metal Brony Metal Medley
Coconeru A Tropical Octav3
Consort of Allegiance Extreme Metal/Deathcore The Savage Dissension
Enter the Equestrian Portal
Banished to the Ice of the Arctic North
dBPony Indie Rock Oh Sweetie Belle
d.notive Synthpop, House Let Your Mane Down
Hand For Hoof
DivinumX Extreme Metal/Death Metal Deicide
Above The World
The Skyline
Hearth's Warming In Ponyville
EileMonty Vocals I Am Octavia
ElectroKaplosion Various Pinkie's Sugar Rush!
Something Fantastic
Equestria Dude Rock
Eurobeat Brony Eurobeat Luna (NIGHTMARE MODE)
Faux Snyder Parody Luna's Soliloquy
Feather PonyArtist N/A Hey Big Mac
Mad Mares
Forest Rain Pop/rock Join The Herd
The Massive Smile! Project
Great to be Different
Freewave EDM
Ghelded Kultz Experimental Bouncing Baby Bunnies
Glitchhog EDM The Distance
Haymaker Country/Acoustic Not Quite Angels
Hergest Ridge Parody
HydroAmbience Dubstep Flutter Rage
I Bring Da LULZ Rap Breaking Bonds
Moving On
InklingBear Electronic Chickenjack
Twilight Causes Eternal Winter
XXV (w/ Budzy)
Humdrum & Bass
Jackle App Electronic One Trick Pony
Makkon Symphonic
MandoPony Acoustic/Rock A Long Way from Equestria
Mic The Microphone Rap Nightmare Night
One Trick Pony
Mordecai Mapper Avant-Garde Bells Of Death
Open Your Eyes (Remix)
Frantic (Remix)
Nasty Scars
GO! (Kill Your Friends)
Navy Brony Electronic The Equestral Plane
NotACleverPony Electronic For The New Lunar Republic
Poni1Kenobi Rock The Party Hasn't Ended
Melody On My Heartstrings
Button's Mom (feat. HardCopy and ShadyVox)
PrinceWhateverer Rock, Metalcore Rainbow Thrash
Breaking Bonds
Between Fairytales and Happy Endings
Ponyphonic Symphonic The Moon Rises
Lullaby for a Princess
Replacer Various Cerulean Blue
Song For An Earth Pony
SandJosieph Symphonic Welcome to Gloomy Town
Daddy Discord
Shade Covers Pony Rock Anthem (Real LMFAO Mix)
September vs Wake Me Up When September Ends (Shade Remix)
Raise This FU*KING Barn
Everfree (A Song For The Everfree Forest)
ShadyVox Rock Don't Mine at Night
SimGretina Progressive House Again feat. EileMonty
SlyphStorm Various Pegasus Device
SoGreatAndPowerful Experimental
Tarby Industrial/Progressive Rock/Metal Something Broke
The Living Tombstone Electronic Discord (The Living Tombstone)
Love Me Cheerilee
One Trick Pony (The Living Tombstone)
Tsyolin Symphonic Friendship Symphony No. 1 in D Major
WoodenToaster Electronic Avast Fluttershy's Ass
Rainbow Factory
Beyond Her Garden
Zahqo Electronic Power Slipping

List of other music pages[]

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Name Type Notes
Brony Musician Directory Website a large directory of brony musicians; includes genre searches, links to other sites, and ways to find music and information on each of the artists profiled
Toastbeard Website website hosting a song-making competition


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