Moving On: Silver Spoon's Story is a MLP Fan Fiction written by HollyFern. The story features Silver Spoon depressed about Diamond Tiara moving away to Manehatten.

Befriending Sweetie Belle

The story opens with every filly in Mrs. Cherrilee's class running out of the school house happily all expect for Silver Spoon who is saddened by the loss of her only friend Diamond Tiara. She looks at everyfilly playing with their friends envious about her being alone. Mrs. Cherrilee approches her in worry she asks the Cutie Mark Crusaders and asks Twist to play with Silver Spoon she leaves them to play together. Silver Spoon feels disinterested since all she wants to see is Diamond Tiara after Apple Bloom and Scootaloo leave along with Twist shortly after Sweetie Belle says feeling some compassion to Silver Spoon "I wouldn't mind playing with Silver Spoon" Silver Spoon belives she is lying Sweetie Belle states she is seriously thinking every pony deserves a friend. Sweetie Belle offers her to come over Silver Spoon tosses the idea in her mind but also worries she will be rejected by the other Crusaders due to the past bullying with Diamond Tiara. Out of nowhere Rarity appears Sweetie Belle asks "Would it be alright if Silver Spoon came over for a bit?" Rarity catches the dishearted look on Silver Spoon's face she makes an awkward smile to play her shock off. Silver Spoon begins thinking Rarity wound not let her her hopes sink Sweetie Belle stomps her hoof on the ground after a black stallion by the name of Sebastian came to pick up Silver Spoon

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