Mordecai Mapper
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Other names Elmore Skulls, The Tuga Mapper, João
Active since 18th June 2012
Known as Mapper, PMV maker, Musician, Artist and Writter
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Mordecai Mapper is a portuguese brony that does everything.


Mordecai Mapper started to do (non-brony) videos in portuguese in middle 2012.

In September 2014, he started do mapping and engilsh videos (although still non-brony)

So in May 2015, he started to do MLP related vids with a YTP called "YTP - Double Rainbow Poop (part 1) ".

He continued to do mapping series until the end of Season 1. In Season 2, the countries goes to Equestria. Finnaly Mordecai Mapper mixed MLP with mapping.

Meanwhile, Mordecai Mapper started to submit drawings to deviantart (active since 1st December 2014) and to do songs in soundcloud (active since 30th July 2015).

In Finals 2015, the soundcloud account was changed to other

In January 2016, Mordecai Mapper anounced that he will quit all his mapping series until he finds a new video editing program, due to Windows 10 incompatibility.

In 29th February 2016, Mordecai Mapper anounced that he will quit mapping forever and just making some video-mapping and alternative history videos and of course music.

Mapping Series

Alternative Future Of Europe (Non-Pony)

Alternative Future Of Asia (Non-Pony)

Alternative History Of Europe (Non-Pony)

Alternative Future Of Old World (Non-Pony)

Alternative Future Of South America (Non-Pony)

Alternative Future Of World (Non-Pony)

New Alternative Future Of Europe - Season 1 (Non-Pony, except last episode)

New Alternative Future Of Europe - Season 2 (With Ponies)


Playlist ---> Here


Name Genre Duration
Life Acapella Rock/Metal 1:12
Death Acapella Metalcore 1:20
Twilight's Deathcore Acapella Deathcore 2:01
Honestly Acoustic Instrumental 1:00
Luna's Chant Acapella Ballad 2:02
New Equestrian Order Acapella Deathcore 0:59
Bells Of Death Acoustic Instrumental 1:56
Equestrian State Acapella Hardcore Rock 0:15
Capture Day/Libert Night Acapella Hardcore Rock 0:24
Why? Acapella Noise Music 0:26
Save World Please Acapella Rock 1:09
Song To Scorpion Acapella Rock 1:21
EVERYPONY DIE! Acapella Hardcore Rock 0:14
Sombra's Revenge Acapella Groove Metal/Metalcore 0:49
Let The Universe Explode Acapella Deathcore/Hardcore Rock 0:25
Open Your Eyes (Remix) Nightcore 3:42
Frantic (Remix) Nightcore 4:21
Nasty Scars Avant-Garde Electro 1:49
GO! (Kill Your Friends) Terrorcore 3:01
Sweetie Belle At The Dance Club Avant-Garde Electro 3:43
[PMV] My Little Pony & Napalm Death
Creator(s) Mordecai Mapper (video) Napalm Death (Music)
Date added 22nd July 2015
Duration 2.41
Type/genre PMV
Part of Mordecai Mapper PMVs
Based on Metal Ponies work


Old Account

OMG! The Villians (EP)

Spitfire (Full Album)

RD Nights (Projects)

Songs Of Honestly (EP)

Luna's Chronicles (EP)

New Days Are Coming (Full Album)

The Life Of Harmony (Full Album)

New Account

The Feeding (EP)

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