Misty vs Rainbow Dash
Creator(s) Jacob Kitts
Date added November 26, 2013
Duration 5:08
Status Complete
Voices Sheila M Gagne
Kira Buckland
Jacob Kitts
Type/genre Crossover
Based on Pokémon
Misty vs Rainbow Dash is a fanmade flash video, and a crossover parody of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Pokemon. It was written, directed, and animated by Jacob Kitts.


Queen Chrysalis and her changeling army invade Canterlot. Princess Celestia tells the Mane 6 that Chrysalis hid the Elements of Harmony in another dimension, Kanto, and sends Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash to retrieve them while she and the others stay to defend Equestria. Twilight teleports to Kanto with Rainbow Dash where a Weedle is seen climbing a tree. A Nidoking appears and knocks Rainbow Dash out as Twilight runs ahead, where Misty mistakes her for a Pokemon.

When Rainbow Dash wakes up, she finds Misty and asks her if she saw Twilight. Misty decides Rainbow Dash is a rare Pokemon and decides to capture her. She says Twilight ran by her, but won't tell her which way she went because Rainbow Dash will fly away. She challenges her to a battle, saying that if Rainbow wins, she'll tell her where Twilight is. When Misty sends out Staryu, Rainbow Dash says she's fighting her, not her Pokemon. Misty recalls Staryu and the fight is on.

Rainbow tackles Misty to the ground. Misty kicks Rainbow down and slams her to the ground by her back hooves. Rainbow knocks Misty down with her super speed and uses a cloud to make it rain on her and strike her with lightning. Misty throws Togepi at Rainbow's head. Rainbow flies at Misty, who grabs her tail as she flies into the air (or Rainbow grabs Misty's arm with her tail). Rainbow Dash uses Sonic Rainboom and slams Misty to the ground. Twilight notices the Sonic Rainboom. Misty tells Rainbow Dash that Twilight went in the direction of the Pokemon Center before she faints. Twilight teleports to Rainbow Dash, who walks toward her but is accidentally captured in a Great Ball. Nidoking appears, and Twilight captures him in an Ultra Ball.

Returning to Equestria, Twilight sends out Nidoking, who kills Chrysalis and most of the changelings with Hyper Beam. Celestia praises Twilight for her victory, then asks where Ranibow Dash is. Twilight suddenly remembers that she forgot Rainbow Dash, while back in Kanto, Rainbow's voice can be heard from the Great Ball she was captured in while Misty wakes up and looks at the Great Ball containing Rainbow Dash, who is effectively her new Pokemon now.


Although many enjoyed the video and asked for a sequel, some criticized that only Pokemon can be captured in Pokeballs. Misty got some rage for picking a fight with and capturing Rainbow Dash.

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