Minty Fresh Adventure
Minty Fresh Adventure! cover by Marcusmaximus
The artwork used for the title screen
Creator(s) Marcusmaximus
Music OrangeFroBro.
Date published April 2, 2012
Type of game Platform
Platform/engine PC
Featuring Colgate
Doctor Whooves
Derpy Hooves
Part of Pony Platforming Project
Minty Fresh Adventure is a platform styled game created by Marcusmaximus. The game is currently available, with the latest release being V1.99. The game has a sequel in Fresh Minty Adventure.


The main game play of Minty Fresh Adventure is to navigate Colgate from Zecora's house to the Cave of Wisdom to obtain a monster's wisdom tooth. Along the way, there will be several enemies and obstacles that you will have to overcome. The arrow keys are used to move Colgate, the X key is used for attacks and the Z or C keys are for jumping.

Introduced in this game is the point system, which accumulates points for defeating an enemy. There is also a multiplier, which multiplies the score for combo attacks, but will end after the combo ends.

Colgate also has a basic 3-heart-life system. If she is hit three times she will be knocked out, causing her to respawn from the beginning of the level and your points to be cut in half. Items and achievements gained before being knocked out will still be in your possession.

Colgate also has a magic bar, which is used for her magic attack "Toothbrush Boomerang", in which Colgate throws her toothbrush while it is spinning, hitting all enemies it passes, then returns to Colgate, by using the combo -> -> X or <- <- X, and her special attack "Clock-Up", which freezes time, renders Colgate invincible, lets Colgate run faster and jump higher, and greatly increases the damage she does with her toothbrush. This can be activated by holding Z+X or X+C until the magic bar fills up. Both this bar and Colgate's health are replenished by eating apples, which are found on apple trees scattered around the maps. Red apples replenish health, while green apples replenish magic. In stage 2, there is a golden statue of Megan, a human character from G1, that gives Colgate immense power.

There are three main stages Colgate has to go through in order to advance in the game:

Stage 1 - Everfree Forest

The first stage helps show you the basics of the game. It also features Trixie's Shop.

Stage 2 - Main Cave

MFA Stage 2 (cave) map

A map of the major points in stage 2

This stage is the main part of the game. It is a maze of platforms and enemies, which all eventually lead to the final boss battle. There are several bonus and secrets hidden all around the cave, which can effect how the game ends, depending on how they are found and in what order. At the end of a cave is a long drop descending to the Boss Stage. Once Colgate jumps in, you cannot turn back.

Boss Stage

In this level Colgate will have to defeat the two main bosses. If she gets knocked out while fighting she will respawn at the start of the battle.

Trixie's Shop

In the Everfree Forest there is a series of platforms which lead up to Trixie's shop, where Colgate can buy several power-ups to aid her in her quest using points from enemies. Below is a list of each item available so far:

Item Item Name Item Description Price Number of Uses
MFA Trixie Item 1 Carton of Milk "Delicious, Nutritious milk! Restores you to full health. Also cures Poison Joke, for some reason." 150 Unlimited
MFA Trixie Item 2 Heart Armour "The Heart Armour provides magical protection for your life, making you only take half damage!" 12000 1
MFA Trixie Item 3 Green Crystal "This Green Crystal radiates magic power, making your Magic bar refill on its own!" 5000 1
MFA Trixie Item 4 Saint Tooth "This magical tooth talisman protects you from curses, for some reason. It's a saint's tooth, or something." 8000 1
MFA Trixie Item 5

Double-Jump Manual

"The Double-Jump Manual teaches you a special technique. You'll never guess what it does." 20000 1
MFA Trixie Item 6 PNN News Report "PNN News Report! All the news that matters, straight from the horse's mouth!" FREE 2
MFA Trixie Item 7 Classic Record (blue) "This Classic Record will make your Clock Up 20% cooler." 20000 1
MFA Trixie Item 8 Classic Record (red) "This Classic Record will make your Clock Up 20% more hilarious!" 25000 1
MFA Trixie Item 9 Map "This is a map of the Cave of Wisdom. You won't get lost with this item!" 1000 1

Every time Colgate listens to PNN, Trixie will throw one of her desks out of her balloon. The first one lands in the poison joke, working as a handy platform Colgate can use to cross it. The second desk lands in a tree.

The records are now available, along with a map, but Colgate can only use one record per game.

Poison Joke

In certain parts of the game, poison joke will cover the floor, and if Colgate lands in the poison joke at any time, she will transform into a giant toothpaste tube. While in this form, Colgate will lose her brush and magic ability. only allowing her to jump on her opponents, putting her at a disadvantage. However, while in this form, the multiplier will not go down, meaning she can accumulate more points. So far there are only 5 ways to cure the effects of poison joke:

  1. Going to Zecora's house
  2. Buying milk from Trixie
  3. Find Doctor Whooves
  4. Rescue Minty
  5. Reach the boss battle


On your journey you will meet several unique enemies who will try to stop you from reaching your goal. Each enemy can be hit with either the toothbrush or by jumping on top of them, however some enemies can not be killed by jump attacks. Below is a list of each of the common enemies you can encounter in each stage as well as there unique properties:

Enemy Enemy Name Number of hits to Kill (Toothbrush) Points Unique Property
MFA Enemy 1 Owlbears 3 100 None
MFA Enemy 2 Timberwolves 5 500 Can perform jump attacks
MFA Enemy 3 Spider 3 50 Drops fireballs when you pass
MFA Enemy 4 Cockatrice 1 100 Turns Colgate to stone on contact
MFA Enemy 5 Little Lizard 3 Jump - 200
Toothbrush - 250
   MFA Enemy 6 Skeleton Pony 3 50 - Jump
150 - Toothbrush
Recovers from jump damage, throws bones at you
MFA Enemy 7 Lizardman 10 1000 Immune to jump damage
Short Immunity after three hits


Colgate, who has come to Zecora's house asking for her help, is tired of her cutie mark, which allows her to control time. She wants to change it so that she can achieve her true dream; to be a dentist. Zecora asks what she can do to help and Colgate explains that she wondered if Zecora has a potion that can undo a cutie mark, so that she can replace it with a dentist one. Zecora understands what Colgate wishes and tells her that she does have a potion that can do such a thing, but she will require one ingredient in order to complete the potion. She explains that she needs Colgate to travel deep into the Everfree forest to a cave where a monster dwells. Here, she must get one of the monster's wisdom teeth for the potion. Colgate then arms herself with a giant toothbrush and sets off for the cave.

When inside the cave, there is a chance she runs into Derpy Hooves and Doctor Whooves, who seek out Colgate for different reasons; depending on who she see first effects how she interacts with the other. When she talks to the Doctor Whooves, a bit after he leaves, Romana, a pony with a strong resemblance to Colgate, appears. You can also see that Romana wears the attire of the future Twilight in the episode "It's About Time". She can also find Minty, who is trapped, and defeats a mini-boss to rescue her. In saving Minty, it is revealed that she is Colgate's cousin.

Eventually, she finds a cave within the cave where she runs into an Ursa Minor. Believing this is the monster Zecora asked her to find, Colgate defeats the beast and fixes his teeth.

As she looks at the Ursa Minor's teeth, she realizes that he doesn't have any wisdom teeth. Just when she realizes that Zecora didn't mean the Ursa Minor, the Ursa Major appears, attempting to view the damage Colgate has done to her child. Colgate then prepares to run away, until she ends up in the Ursa Major's mouth. She destroys its wisdom teeth before being swallowed whole, causing the Ursa Major to spit Colgate out. As Colgate recovers from being spit out, she panics as both the Ursa Major and Minor stare at her, until they reveal that they are happy. Unfortunately, she then realizes that she destroyed the main ingredient needed for Zecora's potion.

Zecora appears, explaining that she heard both of the creatures howling in pain, and couldn't fix the problem on her own, for she was not skilled enough in dentistry. She decided to send Colgate on the journey to show her that she can be a dentist without needing her cutie mark changed. Colgate adventures off to the North Pole to train under a world-famous dentist. When she comes back to Ponyville, she opens a dental clinic, as Ponyville did not have one.


After defeating the final boss, you will receive an ending based on the way you complete the game. Below is a list of all the possible endings, as well as the requirements needed to accomplish them:

Ending In-game Description Requirements
#1 Colgate looks over her new clinic, feeling proud of herself, and looks through the 4th wall to thank the player. Complete the game without talking to either Doctor Whooves or Derpy.
#2 Minuette looks over Colgate's new clinic and wonders if there is a opening for a receptionist. Colgate figures out that the pony is Minuette and mentions she likes her resume and hires her. Minuette gets confused as to how she got her resume before she even sent it, then is told by Derpy to send it anyway to avoid creating a time paradox. Complete the game without talking to Doctor Whooves, but talking to Derpy and reading the letter.
#3 After we see Colgate's clinic, we see Derpy and Doctor Whooves chat to each other, in which Derpy reveals that she showed Colgate the letter so that she would be motivated to make her dream real.
As of version 1.99, this ending now has a joke "next episode preview" and alternate credit sequence that looks just like the Dr. Who end credits - complete with a British voiceover narrating what's coming up next on "PBC1".
Complete the game after talking to Doctor Whooves then talking to Derpy and reading the letter, OR talking to Derpy first and then talking to Doctor Whooves.
#4 As Colgate looks over her new clinic, Doctor Whooves comes to congratulate her for overcoming all the dangers in the cave; however, as Colgate asks if the Doctor ever found Derpy, a meteorite crashes into Colgate's clinic, revealing to be Derpy. Complete the game talking to Doctor Whooves and either talking to Derpy as toothpaste or not talking to Derpy.
Zecora During the ending when Zecora explains why she sent Colgate to the Ursa's Cave, Colgate interrupts her and asks why she risked putting herself in danger, believing that she would be able to do all the things she just previously did. Zecora then replies by saying the reason was due to Colgate constantly mocking Zecora's rhyming of words, and then continues the rest of her speech. Talk to Zecora until she won't respond to Colgate anymore
Minty During the ending outside Colgate's Dentist, Minty will be in the crowd. Rescue Minty

Whatever ending you get, you will then receive the CMC review of all achievements you have gained in the form of a cutie mark (eg. stopwatch cutie mark for beating the game without using Clock-Up). Below is a list of all the current achievements the player can get:

Image Name Description Requirements
MFA Captain scarlet Captain Scarlet You didn't die a single time during your quest. Fate has made you indestructible! Beat the game without dying
MFA Invincible Invincible You made it through your adventure without getting hit even once! No, getting eaten doesn't count. Beat the game without getting hit
MFA Never give up Never Give Up You sure died a lot. But you never gave up! We'll always cheer for you, no matter how much you lose! Die X amount of times
MFA Master platformer Master Platformer Your jumping skills are incredible! Even when the ground vanishes beneath your feet, you don't give up! Cross the vanishing platforms section
MFA Me got kicked in the head backstage Me Got Kicked in the Head Backstage What an unlucky day... you got turned to stone and died as a direct result. Make contact with a cockatrice so that you fall into a pit as a stone
MFA Fu-forget you ah can eat all these apples Fu-Forget You Ah Can Eat All These Apples You sure do like apples! Eat X amount of total apples
MFA Heathy eater Healthy Eater Eating a lot of red apples is good for your health! Eat X amount of red apples
MFA Magically delicious Magically Delicious Mmm, green apples, good for your magic meter! I hope they're not radioactive! Eat X amount of green apples
MFA I didn&#039;t put these in my bag I Didn't Put These in My Bag Wow, you got through the whole thing without buying any of Trixie's items? Beat the game without buying anything from Trixie
MFA Archaeologist Archaeologist What an intrepid explorer you are! You discovered the Shrine of the Ancient Goddess! Find the Secret Shrine
MFA Plot device Plot Device Dr. Whooves used his mysterious device to save your plot! Talk to Doctor Whooves as a toothpaste tube
MFA Minty fresh heroine Minty Fresh Heroine You came to the rescue of a pony in distress! Rescue Minty
MFA Clockwise Clockwise You managed to get through the game without using Clock Up at all! Beat the game without using Clock Up
MFA Tube of pure awesome Tube of Pure Awesome You performed great deeds of heroism while you were a tube of toothpaste. That's so awesome it's stupid. Rescue Minty as a toothpaste tube
MFA No poet&#039;s society No Poet's Society You bothered Zecora so much she actually said something that didn't rhyme. You're a bad person. Talk to Zecora 6 times (until she yells at you)
MFA Worst day ever Worst Day Ever You got turned to toothpaste AND turned to stone at the same time! It's been one of those days... Get turned to stone by a cockatrice while you are a toothpaste tube
MFA Dedicated dentist Dedicated Dentist You brushed every even vaguely tooth-shaped thing you encountered. Surely you were born to be a dentist! Clean all 5 tooth-shaped rocks
MFA Monster surfer Monster Surfer You managed to build up a huge chain, jumping from monster to monster... to monster. They'll all have nasty headaches in the morning! Jump on the heads of 8 different monsters without touching the ground (you should build up to a max of a x64 multiplier)
MFA Rushie brushie Rushie Brushie Whoa! You dashed from Zecora's House all the way to the boss room in under four minutes! What's your hurry? Reach the boss room in under four minutes
MFA Comedy genius Comedy Genius HAHAHAHAHAHA! Colgate fell down the hole! Comedy gold! Seriously, the audience really appreciates how you suffer for your art. Fall in a chasm during Clock-Up with the second classic record
MFA Check and double-check Check and Double-Check You managed to find and tag every checkpoint in the game. Activate every checkpoint in the game
MFA Kicking it old school Kicking it Old School Save points are for wimps! The original Minty Fresh Adventure didn't have them, and apparently you don't need them! Beat the game without using save points
MFA Poison Jokester Poison Jokester Someone tried to play a prank on you... but the joke was on them thanks to you being toothpaste. I guess two wrongs sometimes do make a right..? Talk to Romana as a toothpaste tube
MFA News hound News Hound You listened to all the news Trixie wanted you to hear, and then some. The manufacturers of news desks thank you. Listen to PNN twice, then try to order it again a third time
MFA Cutie mark crusader Cutie Mark Crusader You managed to gather every single Cutie Mark in the game! Way to go! Get all of the other achievements

(note "X times" has not yet been determined)


  • When Colgate enters the cave, sometimes when she exits back to the Everfree forest, the floor will be missing, not allowing the game to be continued.
  • There is an owlbear hiding in poison joke in the forest. It sometimes walks through the stump next to the poison joke patch, which is normally an impassable object.
  • Sometimes when Colgate defeats the mini boss that kidnapped Minty, she can't talk to Minty or escape the dungeon, making the game impossible to continue.


  • Colgate's Clock-Up ability is taken from the Japanese tokusatsu show, Kamen Rider Kabuto.[dubious – discuss] In the series, it acts as a system that allows the Rider to move at high speeds.
    • The train in ending #3 is most likely inspired by the Den-Liner from Kamen Rider Den-o, which coincidentally also has a story that revolves around time travel, and according to TVTropes it is one of the(if not the) biggest offender(s) of the "Timey wimey ball" trope.[dubious – discuss]
  • One of Zecora's rhymes is straight out of the song American Woman by The Guess Who; Colgate points this fact out.
  • Future Colgate's opening line is straight from The Venture Brothers.
  • The line Colgate sings when brushing one of the tooth shaped rocks ("My shiny Teeth and Me") is from a song of the same name in The Fairly Odd Parents
  • The "20% more hilarious" clock-up music is "Yakety Sax" (composed by James Q. "Spider" Rich and Homer "Boots" Randolph III and popularized on The Benny Hill Show).  Portions and variants of this were used during the chase scenes in The Ticket Master and A Bird in the Hoof.
  • The owlbear is a classic monster of Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Trixie's shop is similar to the item shop in Conquest of the Crystal Palace, right down to the news report and her reaction if you buy enough items at once.
  • The famous dentist at the north pole is a reference to the Christmas special Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, where Hermey the Elf wants be a dentist instead of one of Santa's elves.


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