Mine Escape
Creator(s) CertaintyPrinciple
Music From the Legend of Zelda Game Boy
Type of game Escape
Platform/engine Flash
Featuring Twilight Saprkle
Show connection A Canterlot Wedding
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Mine escape is a fan game on Deviantart made by CertaintyPrinciple.


The goal is to help Twilight Sparkle escape from a mine after Queen Chrysalis traps her there. The player has to interact with various objects such as a rope, key, and knife. 


The game starts out with Twilight Sparkle in a mine. She speaks out loud, and the imposter Princess Cadence tells her that she is in 'her prison'.  Twilight Sparkle, if the player provides the correct actions, will meet Cadence. Twilight will try to attack her, but Princess Cadence will convince her that she is the real one by singing their childhood rhyme.  Unlike the episode that it is based on, the two do not simply get on a cart to exit; they must take various other actions before doing so.

Pressing Tab

If the player attempts cheating by pressing 'Tab', a sudden angry image of Princess Celestia will appear, along with a red flash of light. Twilight Sparkle will then appear on the moon, in the same pose as in the title screen.

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