Midnight Blossom and Cloud Skipper
Midnight and Cloud

Veterans of The Old Guard
Created by Equestria-Prevail
Species/kind Pegasus (One regular and One Bat)
Gender Male and Female
More info
Residence Canterlot
Occupation Royal Guards
Relatives Cloud Skipper:
Florence (sister)
Cutie mark
Midnight Blossom:
Midnight Blossom's Cutie Mark
Cloud Skipper:
Cloud Skipper's Cutie Mark

Midnight Blossom and Cloud Skipper are two Royal Guard ponies often seen in fan art together. They also share roles in fan fictions such as A Tryst at Midnight, A night at the Shady Trough, and Her Destiny. It is presumed that the characters, Comet Burst and Angel Beats from The Golden Armor were based off of these two characters.


Midnight Blossom

The vivacious female member of Luna's fierce royal guard.

Cloud Skipper

One of the sub-captains under Shining Armor.

Depictions in fan work

Ideas have been sparked that both characters have gotten into a romantic "opposites attract" relationship.

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