Metroid Prime: Into Darkness

Writer(s) Metroid Prime
Date published May 6, 2013
Words 2,585
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Dark, Sad, Crossover
Featuring Mane 6, Nightmare Moon, Celestia, Sombra, Queen Chrysalis
Based on Metroid Prime trilogy
Show connection Magical Mystery Cure
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Metroid Prime: Into Darkness is a story written by Metroid Prime. It takes place during Magical Mystery Cure, the Friendship is Magic season 3 finale, and involes the Ing from the Metroid Prime trilogy invading Equestria.


The story is told from the points of view of Emperor Ing and Twilight Sparkle.


The story begins with an introduction of both Equestria and Aether. It then shifts to Princess Celestia delivering a package to Twilight and reassuring Luna that she was ready. The scene shifts again to a Leviathan floating through space, eventually impacting an unknown area in Equestria. Said impact revives the ancient dark creatures known as the Ing into a dark version of Equestria and its world. The scene then fast-forwards to Twilight's corornation. As she is about to take off for the first time, a dark portal appears. Twilight hesitates and an Ing tentacle reaches for her.

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