Metroid Prime is a writer on, his is the Author of stories which are Transformers Prime crossovers. On the Wiki he is known as Orionpaxg1

Metroid Prime



Metroid is an evident Transformers and My Little Pony fan, however he is more loyal to Transformers then MLP. His storys mostly focus more on the crossover characters then the ponies themselves.


Transformers Prime: Magic of the Dinobots

His first Story linking the events of Fall of Cybertron and the Transformers Prime TV seris,

My Little Pony: Darkness is Magic

His second story that focuses on Pokemon from the image.nation Universe who are pulled into Equestria by a dimensional storm.

Transformers Prime: Unicron the Chaos Bringer

A sad short story that focuses on unicron who is makeing life tragic for Twilight by killing many ponies every once in a while. It does not take place in the same timeline as Magic of the Dinobots. It will be comprised of three chapters.

Transformers Beast Hunters: Magic of the Predacons

A fourth story that continues Magic of the Dinobots it will take place alongside the Third season of Transformers Prime just like its proceader toke place alongside season three of MLP:FIM

Metroid Prime: Into Darkness

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