Metroid: Equis, is a story written by flammenwerfer14 it is a crossover between the Metroid Prime portion of the Metroid series and takes place between Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Metroid: Equis
Metroid Equis 5

Writer(s) flammenwerfer14
Date published April 4th, 2013
Words 15,218
Status incomplete
Type/genre Dark, Crossover, Human, Adventure, alternate Universe
Featuring Mane 6, Luna, Celestia
Based on Metroid Prime Trilogy(takes place between Echos and Corupption
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So far the story is told from the P.O.V. of Samus, Luna, and Celestia


On a night like any other, Princess Luna is observing her sky, making changes and manipulating the heavenly bodies as needed. However, one particularly bright object in the sky refuses to be moved by her command. Frustrated, she tries everything she knows about manipulating every celestial object, only to find out upon investigation that said object is a meteor on a crash course for their planet and nation. Unable to prevent the impact, Luna observes the meteor land towards the Frozen North. She thinks nothing of it... that is until large volumes of reports of deaths, mutations, and corruptions flood the Princess' daily issues.

With the national (and possibly world) emergency only getting worse, and with no ability to track and contain the spread of the Great Poison, the Princesses and the Elements silently hope for a miracle... any kind of help to save them from a violent doom.

Help may come from a very unlikely source. Specifically, the Hunter, clad in metal.

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