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Meredith Sims
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Other names Meredith Sims
Known as Voice actress
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Meredith Sims, also known as Emichwan88 or VASnapdragon, is an American voice actress and singer who has played various roles in brony fan works. She is also a writer and director on the Silly Filly Studios team. Her favorite pony is Fluttershy.

Voice work

Published Title Voice Creator Notes
2012-09-23 Twilight the Unicorn Fluttershy Silly Filly Studios
2012-09-24 Chaotic Wedding Derpy Hooves
Queen Chrysalis
2012-10-07 Wildfire's Road Rage Wildfire 47times
2012-10-26 Carnival Cat vs. Ponyville Twilight Sparkle Sand Josieph Singing
2012-11-12 Lord of the Rings Re-enacted by Ponies Octavia Jacob Kitts
2013-02-19 Pokemon Re-enacted by Ponies Fluttershy Jacob Kitts
2013-03-30 Double Rainboom Blossom Zachary Rich
2013-05-06 A Day at the Dentist Derpy Hooves Rina-chan
2013-05-17 Dan Vs FiM: "House Call" Twilight Sparkle FluffyMixer
2013-06-14 The Adventures of Donut Steel Fluttershy Silly Filly Studios
2013-12-07 PONIES: The Anthology III Twilight Sparkle
("Inferno Spike Intro")
2014-09-26 Chip of Discord Fluttershy Duo Cartoonist
2015 Journey of the Spark Twilight Sparkle
Violet Ridenour

Meredith Sims also worked on Fighting is Magic as the voice of Twilight prior to the project's cancellation.


Main article: Snowdrop

Snowdrop is a fanmade video produced by Silly Filly Studios. Along with voicing the titular character, Meredith Sims also wrote and co-directed the animated short.

Just Can't Wait to Have Wings

Just Can't Wait to have Wings
Creator(s) Meredith Sims
Vocals Meredith Sims
Hannah May
Dalton Duncan
Other contr. David Larsen
Published February 15, 2013
Duration 2:57
Based on I Just Can't Wait to Be King
Show connection Magical Mystery Cure

Just Can't Wait to Have Wings is a parody of "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" from Disney's The Lion King. The song focuses on Twilight telling Princess Celestia what she imagines being an alicorn princess will be like, taking the place of Simba in the original song while Princess Celestia takes the place of Zazu. "Just Can't Wait to Have Wings" has similar lyrics to the song it parodies. Jointly created by Meredith Sims and MEMJ0123, the song was mixed by David Larsen and has artwork provided by Viffex. Other characters also have lines in the song.


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