Mayor Mare
Mayor Mare vectored by Durpy
Other names Ivory Scroll
Kind Earth pony
Sex Female
Fan voice(s) FiMFlamFilosophy (The Mentally Advanced Series)
Flootershai (My Little Investigations)
Kyle Travers (Lunar Slander)
BronyMike (Cherry Bomb)
Mayor Mare is a tan Earth pony who holds the office of Mayor of Ponyville. Most of her appearances in the show depict her making speeches or supervising events.


Mayor Mare is portrayed in a variety of ways. Some fan works do portray her as diligent in regards to her job and well-suited for it.[1][2] This interpretation of the mayor is often stressed as a result of the many calamities that tend to affect Ponyville.

In many fanworks however, the Mayor is depicted as incompetent or neglectful in her duties.[3] Some go to the extent of portraying Mayor Mare as corrupt.[4]

Use in fan labor

Mayor Mare does not appear often in fan labor due to her role as the primary supervisor in Ponyville often being taken by Twilight Sparkle.

Some fanfics are based around Ponyville having a mayoral election and portray Mayor Mare attempting to gain re-election.[1][5]

Other fanfics also depict Mayor Mare snapping as a result of the stressful nature of her work.[6][7]


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