Matt Roberson
Matt Roberson
Other names PinkiePieSwear
Known as Musician
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Matt Roberson is an Australian house producer, and was one of the first wave of brony musicians. His style of slicing and glitching vocals from Daniel Ingram's original tracks has become a standard technique among brony musicians.

Between the summer of 2012 and 2013 he released no music, and communication with fans was kept to a minimum. As a result some fans became anxious of his life situation. Eventually he abandoned his previous nickname of 'PinkiePieSwear' due to producing music unrelated to My Little Pony. He claims that he finds newer seasons of the show 'uninteresting' and has no plans to write MLP-inspired songs in the future.

Despite his hiatus he remains one of the most popular musicians in the fandom, with a couple of his songs passing one million views on YouTube. On the Brony Musician Directory, he is listed at #12 in terms of the most subbed brony musicians on YouTube.


Matt R. (then PinkiePieSwear) had three songs featured on Everfree Network's top 100 of 2011, Trixie's Good Side at #85, Winter Wrap Up (Remix) at #66, and Sunshine and Celery Stalks at #17. Sunshine and Celery Stalks also held number 16 on Celestia Radio's top 50 of 2011. More notably, Trixie's Good Side was ranked as the number one song on their list of top 50 for 2011, putting it above Eurobeat Brony's Luna and Discord as well as WoodenToaster's Beyond her Garden.




Year Title Original artist
2011 "Giggle at the Ghostly (Simple Joy Mix)" Daniel Ingram
"Winter Wrap-Up (Late Again Mix)" Daniel Ingram
"Art of the Dress (Always Stressed Mix)" Daniel Ingram
"Hush Now, Quiet Now (Lucid Dream Mix)" Daniel Ingram
2012 "BBBFF (Regret is Forever Mix)" Daniel Ingram
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