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Other names Andrew Stein
Andy Stein
Daniel Andrew Stein II
Active since October 5, 2011
Known as Musician
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MandoPony is the pseudonym of an American brony musician. The name refers to his favored instrument, the mandolin,[1] but he also plays a variety of other instruments including the guitar and the piano.[2] He became a fan of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic around July 2011.[2] His first published MLP cover was Winter Wrap Up, posted on YouTube in October 5, 2011. The MandoPony YouTube channel was created a week later. A collection of pony-themed songs (including some alternates and instrumental versions) was released on Bandcamp on May 18, 2012.


His pony-related work ranges from acoustic covers, instrumental karaoke pieces and remixes of the show's songs to original music inspired by the show, both vocal and instrumental. MandoPony's output is quite versatile, spanning genres as diverse as dubstep, chiptunes, techno, country, pop, rock, and classical music. 

Reception and other activities

He was one of several brony musicians mentioned specifically by the Friendship is Magic's primary song composer Daniel Ingram during a Skype interview at BroNYcon 2012.[3] He has also collaborated with Michelle Creber, Apple Bloom's voice actress, on two charity covers.[4] He was a guest host for an Everfree Radio interview with show composer William Anderson, who complimented him on his work. MandoPony also co-wrote the script and music for the fanmade animation Epic Wub Time, as well as being in charge of the storyboard for that animation.

In the summer, he played mandolin for show musician William Anderson on a short cue for an episode of the third season;[5][6][7][8] MandoPony wrote in early November 2012 that "Apparently it's in the season finale this year"[9] and that it "almost didn't happen" as it was "extremely lucky" that their schedules coincided for it;[10] however, Anderson ended up not having any role in the episode at all, as Daniel Ingram and Steffan Andrews received the only music credit. MandoPony later confirmed that his mandolin part was cut along with William Anderson's work when the music production shifted entirely to Ingram and Andrews.[11]

In March 2013, MandoPony recorded vocals for a song for an episode of Littlest Pet Shop titled "Miss Anna T, If You Please".[12]

In May 2014, MandoPony deleted and reuploaded most of his pony music on YouTube.[13]

On November 13, 2014, it was announced that Mando was engaged to MLP storyboard artist (and creator of Wild Fire) Sabrina Alberghetti.[14] They married on July 29, 2015.[15]

A Long Way from Equestria

A Long Way from Equestria

Final version (re-uploaded)
Composition MandoPony
Lyrics MandoPony
Vocals MandoPony
Instruments final only: Acoustic Brony (guitar, drums) & MandoPony (other)
Published November 17, 2011 (demo)
January 16, 2012 (final)
May 19, 2014 (re-upload)
Duration 3:52 (demo)
4:59 (final)

In November 17, 2011, MandoPony posted the "demo" of a new song on his YouTube channel. It is purely vocal and acoustic and was reportedly created within a day, as a reaction to encountering "MLP haters" on the internet.[2] A more fully orchestrated version was released two months later, with MandoBrony's vocals accompanied by the British duo AcousticBrony. The song served as a precedent for latter collaborations between the two groups and a new channel, AcoustiMandoBrony, was made to facilitate this.

The lyrics concern two people, one male, one female, who are ridiculed and put down for attempting to counter the cynicism prevalent in "this world of ours". The refrain states twice that "we're a long way from Equestria" before the speaker defiantly proclaims that he or she won't give up and will try to make the world better and "more like Equestria".

This song would later be recorded as top 20th song on Everfree Network's Top 100 Brony Track Countdown 2012. [16]

Selection of other songs

2011-10-11 Twilight Sparkle 2:09 Chiptune first original pony composition
2011-10-17 Octavia's Prelude 2:09 Classical
2011-11-23 With a Sister 2:33 Country

unprocessed live version available
here (19:05-21:08)

2011-12-12 I'll Fly Higher (Scootaloo's Theme) 6:07 Collaboration with AcousticBrony
Later remastered under AcoustiMandoBrony's channel
2012-01-03 So Much Left to Know 3:55 Musical/Broadway
2012-02-14 The Return of Scratch 3:26 Dubstep
2012-02-20 Smile Song 3:34 Instrumental karaoke version
of the Smile Song by Daniel Ingram
2012-03-25 Sweet Apple Acres 4:07 Country rock
2012-04-26 Shining Armor 3:05 Rock Ranked 38 on EFN's Top 100 Brony Track Countdown
2012-05-22 Gilda's Theme 2:00 Rock/instrumental
2012-05-22 The Adventures of Daring Do 4:27 Orchestral/instrumental
2012-07-09 I Am No Hero 4:33 Rock Ranked 90 on EFN's Top 100 Brony Track Countdown
2012-07-15 When Vinyl Scratch Dreams 4:53 Dubstep
2012-09-11 Home 3:57 Folk
2012-12-09 Song of the Night 4:16 Orchestral
2013-02-06 When I Find My Wings 4:40 Rock
2013-04-07 Double Rainboom 32:20 Soundtrack Score for Double Rainboom
2013-05-01 I Live Forever 4:35 Alternative Metal
2013-08-11 Pinkie, Where Did You Go? 3:56 Ska
2013-09-11 Shimmer On 4:40 Rap/rock
2013-09-29 Follow in Your Steps 2:25 Pop
2013-09-30 Let's Go Get Lost 4:08 Pop feat. EileMonty
2013-10-20 When You Were Here 2:59 Folk
2014-01-09 Harmony 4:14 Pop
2014-01-27 Better Than You 3:07 Rock
2014-01-28 We Believe in You - a song for Michael 3:03 Pop rock Dedicated to Michael Morones
2014-04-23 Not Like Me (Maud's Song) 4:32 Acoustic rock
2014-04-29 Horse Famous 3:46 Pop
2014-07-02 Featherweight 4:02 Rock
2014-07-06 Wild Fire 4:02 Rock/EDM Collaboration with Silva Hound
2014-10-28 Spitfire (Give It All You Got) 3:05 Hard rock Collaboration with Megabyte Brony
2014-12-24 Do They Know It's Christmas? 6:20 Pop rock Collaboration with numerous brony musicians


2012-01-24 Loyalty 6:15 Rock
2012-10-22 Nightmare in Everfree 5:19 Dubstep
2012-11-09 I'll Fly Higher
(Scootaloo's Theme)
6:07 Rock Remastered version of song
originally uploaded separately under
MandoPony and AcousticBrony
2013-01-13 Kindness 5:04 Rock
2013-08-13 Generosity 5:35 Rock feat. Elie Monty
2014-02-15 Laughter 5:08 Rock

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