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Makkon is an American producer from Utah and is one of the most well known and respected musicians in the brony community. Makkon has been a key musician in organizing the brony community from it's creation. He started the Remix Wars, the first brony event and was the main moderator to the My Little Remix forum which has been the main community site and a learning resource for the musicians in the brony community. He has been involved in many events since such as Bronies For Good and Balloon Party. His skills at making orchestral music revolving around MLP themes have been instrumental in establishing a place for musicians that have followed his lead in bringing mature themes and classical music to the brony community. Makkon is well known for his belief that music should come first, ponies should be second priority and his role at MLR was to encourage that focus. Makkon is also a visual artist and is well known for his original creations that often accompany his music. He has stopped making brony music for some time and has retired from being site admin at My Little Remix as of May 7, 2013.



  • "Luna Deos"
  • "Rainbow Rhapsody"
  • "A Waltz For Trixie"
    Deae Lunae

    Deae Lunae

  • "Avast Octavia's Plot"
  • "Locomotive Rush" (racing theme)
  • "Sweet Apple Acres" (racing theme)
  • "Diamond Dog Mines" (racing theme)
  • "Test Pony " (as General Mumble)
  • "Hallowed Waltz"
  • "Celestial Origins" (extended battle theme)
  • "Deae Lunae"
  • "Dodge Badlands" (battle theme)
  • "PonyKart" (trailer theme)
  • "Dregs"
  • "The Little Toy Shop"


  • "Lunar Republic" (vs Not a Clever Pony)
    Makkon vs Not a Clever Pony - Lunar Republic

    Makkon vs Not a Clever Pony - Lunar Republic

  • "Big Mac 39s Theme" (vs Vinyl Scratch.)
  • "Winter Wrap-Up (Late Again)" (vs PinkiePieSwear)
  • "No Strings Attached" (vs. Stars in Autumn)
  • "Impressions of Celstial Origins" (vs. Stars in Autumn)

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