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Founder Anonthony
Date founded July 13, 2012
Type of site Forum-style imageboard

MLPchan is a My Little Pony fan imageboard that opened to the public on Friday, July 13, 2012. It was founded by current and former members and moderators of several other pony-related sites and boards; Ponychan, Lunachan, /b/ pony threads and /mlp/. Its purpose was to create a space for pony fans and others who wanted a middle-ground between the sprawling, overly-numerous boards of Ponychan with its highly moderated, stringent environment, and the unmoderated, single-board chaos of unregulated spam, porn, and trolling of 4chan. Specifically R34 content and gore are prohibited on thread not catering for mature content. However, underage depictions of said content are banned entirely, along with real depictions of gore, and of course, non-pony related content.

Users are responsible for marking their own threads as mature content, which only is allowed on three boards - /fic/, /art/, and /anon/. MLPchan and Ponychan are currently about even in terms of daily posting rates, with Ponychan having an edge in number of users and name recognition, and MLPchan having an edge in user activity levels and growth.


The idea of creating a new imageboard became popular over the Spring of 2012, which was a period of much drama between the mods and fellow users on Ponychan. Following numerous incidents including the February near deletion of the site and an aborted administrative handoff, alongside many options requested by the /fic/ community that were not implemented, the concept gradually garnered support. Throughout much of the time from May to June 2012, a number of regulars, including MLPchan's current site owner, had fallen victim to what had appeared to be moderaton burnout. On 4chan's end, the newly established "Rule 15" had outlawed all pony related content of any kind outside of /mlp/, and was by then being strictly enforced. Much to their dismay, a handful of MLP fans from the controversial /b/ board whom felt too incompatible for /mlp/'s community found themselves with no place to go. As a result, both the system admin and one of their most active mods from 4chan volunteered to work on the project. On July 12, MLPchan went live and was announced overnight.

Throughout its first year, much of MLPchan's activity was similar to that of Ponychan, except more relaxed. They however, did allow mature content in explicitly stated boards, on the condition that said thread was properly tagged. However, the mature tag did not get much use at all until the following summer.

Following Lauren Faust's unexpected visit on 4chan's /mlp/ board on May 27 and the attention that followed, the janitor of the board later induced a massive ban storm that wiped out multiple generals, handing out bans wave after wave. The staff of MLPchan a week later acknowledged these hardships with the site and invited users to their largely unused /anon/ board. As a result, MLPchan is now seen as a medium that caters both to Ponychan's audience and that of /mlp/.

Current Boards

/site/ - Site Issues The board for discussing site related issues, questions, concerns, and suggestions.
/arch/ - The Library The archive of the best threads in the site, preserved for future generations.
/pony/ - Friendship is Magic The board for discussing the show, its episodes, characters, universe and the team behind it all.
/oat/ - Off-topic Casual and work-safe discussion of both pony-related and non-pony related topics.
/fic/ - Fanfiction The board for fanfiction review, brainstorming, critique, creation and discussion.
/rp/ - Roleplaying The board for role-playing of all kinds.
/art/ - Art The board for artists to post their work, fans to find new art pieces, and general pony art discussion.
/anon/ - Anything Goes

A free board where anything is allowed and anonymous culture reigns.

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