MLB: DiM Side story: Technia and Blue
Writer(s) Toa Coy, Co-author/editor Blazikenking
Date published November 27, 2012
Status complete
Part of My Little Bionicle: Destiny is Magic
Related to My Little Bionicle: Destiny is Magic
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This is the second side story and back story to both Technia and Blue. This is Co-written by Toa Coy and Blazikenking with Blaze editing.


The first part is told by use of a camra, then Blue, and finally Third P.O.V 


Technia, a unicorn who a gear heard, finds a strange machine in the Everfree forest. It looks old but it is so far ahead then anything she has seen. What is it?


Technia is a gun-metal grey unicorn with crimson mane and tail with gun-metal strips, green eyes, and a crimson Phi cutiemark. She invents several item similar to what we have in our world.

Blue is a Vahki, or a Bordakh, in the story he has a round head with black eyes and a yellow panel at the back of his head, he is bipedal with hands, in the center of his chest is three circles of yellow this is his power core, and has data coruption so he does not know much outside of standared programing.

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