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Other names Jen McGregor
Known as Voice actress

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Jen McGregor, also known as MEMJ, is a Canadian voice actress and singer who has starred in a number of My Little Pony fan works, typically in the role of Princess Celestia. She is also known for collaborating with numerous musicians in the brony community and lending her voice to their songs, as well as being the voice of Princess Molestia for JohnJoseco's (now defunct) "Ask Princess Molestia" blog. She is currently a voice actress for Silly Filly Studios, voicing Princess Celestia in both Snowdrop and Fall of the Empire.

Voice work

Published Title Voice Creator
2012-06-07 Luna's Cutie Mark Princess Celestia Silly Filly Studios
2013-03-21 Snowdrop Princess Celestia
Cumulo Nimbus
Silly Filly Studios
2013-05-17 Dan Vs. FiM: "House Call" Princess Celestia FluffyMixer
2013-06-14 The Adventures of Donut Steel Hasbro Agent Silly Filly Studios
2013-07-03 Know Your Mare Princess Celestia Bogyle Bronies
2013-09-01 Epic Rage Time: The Incredible Derp Princess Celestia
Background ponies
2014-05-24 Fall of the Crystal Empire Princess Celestia Silly Filly Studios
2014 Alt. 6 Princess Celestia That Hybrid Guy
2015 Journey of the Spark Princess Celestia Violet Ridenour

Selection of music


Published Title Length Notes
2011-11-12 Art of the Dress 1:39 Original by Daniel Ingram
2012-04-30 B.B.B.F.F. 1:36 Original by Daniel Ingram
2012-07-13 B.B.B.F.F. (Reprise)/This Day Aria, Part 2 (Reprise) 0:46 Originals by Daniel Ingram
2012-07-20 Art of the Dress (Reprise) 2:28 Original by Daniel Ingram
2012-10-30 Lullaby for a Princess 6:48 Original by Ponyphonic
2013-02-18 Celestia's Ballad 1:41 Original by Daniel Ingram
2014-02-28 The Moon Rises 2:34 Original by Ponyphonic


Published Title Length Notes
2012-10-15 Alone In My Kingdom 4:03 With TeiThePony
2012-10-27 Dear Luna 4:30 With SimGretina
2013-01-23 Home 4:44 With Jeff Burgess and EileMonty
2013-02-15 Just Can't Wait to Have Wings 2:57 Collaboration with Meredith Sims
2013-03-31 Sun 4:03 With Carbon Maestro
2013-04-18 To The Mooooon 4:37 With SimGretina
2013-05-06 Lunar Eclipse 7:11 With Lore RD
2013-07-23 Flight 4:59 With PonyFireStone
2014-02-01 Seeds of Discord 3:46 With Baschfire and Meredith Sims
2014-02-03 Do You Want To See The Moon Rise? 3:49 With EileMonty
2014-02-14 Night Shadows 3:13 With Baschfire

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