Lunaria Borealis
Lunaria covor

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Writer(s) EquestrianKirin
Date published April 30, 2015
Words 27,121
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Dark, Adventure
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Lunaria Borealis is a fan fiction, written by EquestrianKirin on FIMfiction. The story is set in a permanent night Equestrian future, following a group of friends as they travel through the land.


Many years before the story began, Princess Celestia had left the physical world, succumb by beings of ice and snow. Upon Celestia's downfall, the sun never rose again, turning the world into eternal night. In order to save what life was left, Princess Luna used her magic to provide her moon to give off warmth, so the world of Equestria wouldn't freeze in the night. For twenty generations since the event, the world was kept in nighttime and 'moonless hours', when the moon isn't up in the sky. In this world of stars and moonlight, a Sphinx/Ram hybrid named Vinrod, was going along his daily business until he was encountered by a wounded Changeling, which he named Seven. After helping him recover, Vinrod decides to leave his home to help Seven on his way back home. Thus begins an adventure through equestria.


Lunaria cast

The Main Cast


Vinrod is a cyan blue hybrid between a striped sphinx and a Ram. He's mostly calm and collective in most situations, and often tries not to get in any conflict. Due to his hybrid state, his vocal cords had become weakened, making him unable to scream or yell without straining himself too much. He is friendly, and knows right from wrong rather well.


Name given to him by Vinrod, Seven is a Changeling that had been separated from his horde due to harsh wings and injuries. Seven isn't the kindest Changeling ever, and takes a good amount of time to open him up while dealing with his rude and often rough behavior. Despite his rudeness, he also can be quite blunt, and can sometimes let details slip out of him while talking or distracted. He does have some moral though, and can be a good friend, yet that's mostly shown to those he's close to.


Tal is a creature known as a Dragonequus, a type of scaled, carnivorous equine. Growing up with a family of much harsher carnivores, Tal went with Vinrod and Seven to them going on their adventure. While she does eat meat, she protests eating fellow saintiants such as Vinrod and Seven, and would much rather hunt a rabbit or bird instead. She is a sweet and kind pony, though can be a bit rough to handle on rare occasions.

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