Lost Symphonies
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Writer(s) cherrycustard
Date published 2011 (Early Draft)
March 24, 2012 (Revision)
Words 43,317 (As of Chapter 6, Prologue Counting)
Status On Hiatus
Type/genre Sad
Featuring Twilight Sparkle
G3.5 Sweetie Belle
Show connection Events take place two months after The Crystal Empire - Part 1 and Part 2
Events take place a year after The Return of Harmony Part 1 and Part 2 (Early Draft)
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Lost Symphonies is a fan fiction written by cherrycustard. The story is a crossover between Friendship is Magic and the Core 7 (Generation 3.5) My Little Pony Universe, with only a few tweaks in the G.3.5 Canon. It takes place two months after "A Canterlot Wedding" and focuses on Twilight Sparkle and her friends as they find out their world is on the brink of destruction and the only way to prevent it is to go to Symponia and gather the legendary Symphony Treasures before it is too late.

The whole story is currently on Hiatus back in June 2012 and will resume in January 2013.



The Tambelon Wars

2000 years ago, a war broke out in two worlds: Equestria and Symponia. The ponies were attacked by Grogar, the ruler of the dark empire Tambelon. His intention was to claim both worlds as his own by killing everypony in sight and destroying all who opposed him. The rulers of both worlds opposed him and protected their own lands from the evil overlord, defeating every enemy both faced. The rulers used the most powerful artifacts: Elements of Harmony and the Symphony Treasures to seal the dark overlord. He and his empire were locked away for eternity but at the cost of their lives.

1000 years later, three siblings, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Princess Star Catcher took over their parents responsibilities as rulers of both worlds. But one day in the Kingdom of Unicornia, the day of the Friendship Festival, the only foal of Star Catcher is born. The Symphony Treasures resonated with the newborn and sent it 1000 years into the future. This prevented her from being killed by Grogar's surviving followers before they were scattered throughout Symponia. Princess Star Catcher was saddened and fell into an endless sleep. The whole kingdom then crumbled.

Grogar's Message to the Princesses

In the present day, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna remember the fateful day their parents died during the Tambelon Wars. Today is also the day of the Friendship Festival, and both Alicorns are sad about what happened until they are confronted by Grogar's Shadow. He tells the two that his minions are working to revive him and his fallen kingdom while gathering the lost Symphony Treasures. He also tells them that in eight days, Equestria and Symponia will be destroyed. Both sisters are worried about this and they decide to warn Twilight and her friends about this threat personally.

Chapter 1

A New Enemy

Ponyville has chosen as the place for this year's Friendship Festival. As Twilight Sparkle and Spike check everything to make sure it will please the princesses, they pay a visit to Sugarcube Corner to see the Cakes and Pinkie Pie making an enormous ice cream sundae in an attempt to break a world record for the largest ice cream sundae in the Canterlot Book of World Records. However, just as everything goes smoothly, a crowd of ponies starts to run away, stating that there is something wrong. Both Twilight and Pinkie Pie decide to check it out.

At the eastern side of Ponyville, it turns out that the whole town is being attacked by a strange dragon-like creature. The rest of Twilight's friends have had no success in taking the beast down: Applejack tried tying the beast down, Rainbow Dash distracted it, Rarity threw random objects at it using her magic and Fluttershy gave it The Stare but it didn't do anything. Twilight and Pinkie Pie arrive at the scene and go to help them, but the strange beast knocks out Rainbow Dash while she is in the air. The others take her to safety while Twilight creates a barrier to temporarily protect themselves. Luckily, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna arrive and use their magic to temporarily restrain the beast. They tell Twilight that it is a Stratadon and that she needs to aim at the chest jewel to destroy it.

Twilight takes their advice and uses her magic blast to destroy the beast's chest jewel, destroying it in a explosion. The rest of the Mane 6 are relieved it's over while Rainbow Dash wakes up. Twilight and her friends are confused as to why the princesses are here and so the princesses decide to explain everything.

Onward to Symponia

The princesses tell the Mane 6 about the impending danger that is about to befall Equestria and everything about the Symphony Treasures. Twilight and the others are greatly confused by this, especially the fact that another world like Equestria ever existed. As the Mane 6 accept the mission, the princesses use a special spell and send them to the other world: Symponia.

The "Other" Sweetie Belle

In the world of Symponia, three figures are paying respect to someone's grave. It says "Here lies the Brave Friends of Sweetie Belle, Who sacrificed their lives protecting Ponyville". The white pony is sad as she looks at the grave while an older yellow one and a star-like creature look concerned.

The white one, identified as Sweetie Belle, is sad since five years ago a Stratadon killed her friends. Flitter Flutter, the older yellow pony, understands her feelings about what happened during that time and the star-like creature, Twinkle Wish, knows that she lost her smile that and the last time she was happy was during the Winter Wishes Festival. After a brief silence, a portal opens up, similar to how Sweetie Belle came to Ponyville 20 years ago, as Twilight and her friends come falling out of it.

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy successfully stop Twilight from falling but the others are still plunging to their deaths. Twilight acts fast and creates a magic bubble to soften their landing, only they end up crashing into Sweetie Belle, Flitter Flutter and Twinkle Wish. As Twilight and both pegasi check on the others to see if they're okay, Twilight and her friends are confused to see strange ponies in front of them, especially Sweetie Belle.

Chapter 2

Allusions and Kindness

Twilight Sparkle is confused to see Sweetie Belle in Symponia, especially as she finds that she looks and acts differently than the one back in Ponyville. Sweetie Belle is confused to see that Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are somewhat similar to the ones in her world. As Flitter Flutter takes them to her place in town, she wonders about Sweetie Belle. As they arrive at the mansion, both groups introduce themselves while explaining their alternate personas and what has happened to them.

Twilight Sparkle then tells Flitter Flutter, Twinkle Wish and Sweetie Belle why they arrived in Symponia and about their mission to find the Symphony Treasures. While Sweetie Belle claims it's only a mares tale, Flitter Flutter says they exist but have been forgotten through time. She was doing her own research on them (before she become mayor) and how they may be connected to Sweetie Belle's past. Sweetie Belle is upset by this but Brights Brightly, the mansion's head butler, comes and overhears their conversation. The white unicorn is still mad about the conversation despite Brights Brightly trying to calm her down so she storms to her room in anger, leaving Twilight worried about her.

Sweetie's past

Upstairs in her room, Sweetie Belle is worried after hearing everything from the Mayor and the Mane 6. She asks Twinkle Wish if she's hiding something big from her, but Twinkle Wish does not say anything about it. Twinkle Wish is more concerned about Sweetie Belle's safety since she was being targeted by the Stratadons before. Sweetie Belle becomes frustrated by how she has been treated as a bird in a gilded cage for five years and how her friends are all dead. At the same time, her magic starts to surge around the room due to her anger and despair.

Twinkle Wish knew this was coming and tries to calm her down. As she calms down, the magic subsides. Sweetie Belle converses with Twinkle Wish about how it feels to be somepony without any knowledge of her past.

Nighttime falls and Twilight and her friends are in a pretty nice guest room the mayor provide for them. As they wait for their tea they discuss the World of Symponia and how similar it is to theirs. They also wonder about Sweetie Belle. Brights Brightly arrives with their tea and has a little talk before she leaves, Applejack thinks that she is being too nice while Twilight thinks that she is somehow involved with Sweetie Belle.

Chapter 3

The Search Begins

The next day, everyone is now in Ponyville for the Friendship Festival and Twilight decides that they should search for clues relating to the treasures. Since the Mane 6 are familiar with the Ponyville of Equestria, Flitter Flutter agrees to this while Sweetie Belle is still being cold and distant. The mayor leaves for an appointment and says that Twinkle Wish should look out for her. Sweetie Belle gets angry and leaves the group with Twinkle Wish following her. The Mane 6 decide to split up and look for clues in the town while also looking for Sweetie Belle.

Meeting Lavender Locket

“Hmm…..are you….. Lavender Locket?”

- Sweetie Belle

Sweetie Belle is angry about what the mayor said to her. Twinkle Wish is tagging along. She tells the star to leave but she doesn't since she is her legal guardian. As the two argue with each other, Twinkle Wish reminds her that Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, Cheerilee, Starsong and Toola-Roola did their best to protect Sweetie Belle from the Stratadon even though they had to lay down their lives one by one.

Twinkle Wish then asks if she could sing that song her friends had sung years ago. She agrees and sings on the empty stage where some musical events were held until they realize that a young unicorn filly is watching them. She introduces herself as Lavender Locket, the younger sister of Rhapsody Ribbons, and explains her story about why she ran away from home. Sweetie is saddened by the story and decides to show her around Ponyville to make her happy.

Meeting Minty and Amberlocks

Pinkie Pie and Rarity are looking around in Ponyville for Sweetie Belle while also discussing how similar this world is to theirs. However, a strange mint green pony carrying boxes filled with cupcakes accidentally bumps into them and the box lands on Rarity's mane, thus messing it up with cake frosting

The pony apologizes while Pinkie Pie licks the icing off Rarity. Pinkie Pie also ends up liking the cupcakes themselves. The strange pony introduces herself as Minty, an employee of the Bright N’ Shine Sweet Shoppe. Minty takes both ponies to the Celebration Salon to get Rarity cleaned up while also discussing the Symphony Treasures. She recognizes Sweetie Belle but denies the existence of the treasures, stating that they are only a mares tale. They then arrive at the Salon.

Inside, they are greeted by Amberlocks, the owner of the Celebration Salon and the older sister of this world's late Rainbow Dash. Both ponies are surprised by this while Amberlocks is more surprised to see Pinkie Pie and a messed up Rarity. Amberlocks offers Rarity some free service in the salon, and she takes her to the showers. With Minty confused, Pinkie Pie explains everything.

The Princess that Connects Hearts

Twilight Sparkle goes to the Ponyville Community Library to do her own research about the Symphony Treasures, as she finds the place is in the same spot as her current home. As she begins her own investigation, she learns more about each Symphony Treasure and about something that had happened to them 1000 years ago after the War of Tambelon. Twilight is even more shocked to learn that the young foal of Princess Star Catcher was taken 1000 years to the future.

Brights Brightly, who is in the shadows said that the foal is the "Princess that Connects Hearts". Twilight realizes that there's something wrong with this picture.

Chapter 4

Interrogations at the Ponyville Library

Twilight is confused by what Brights Brightly told her regarding the Princess that Connects Hearts. Brightly is amazed by how fast she figured it out when Twilight asks her if she has anything to do with the events 1000 years ago. She doesn't answer until Twilight attacks her in an attempt to force her to answer her questions. Both unicorns duel in the library with their horns clashing each other, Twilight trying her best to make her speak about the matter.

But Brightly states that she's a Royal Knight of Symphonia, and that she will protect the lost princess from harm, including its secrets. As the fight intensifies, Brightly says she will explain everything if Twilight defeats her. The purple unicorn agrees as the fight continues.

The one they called Waterfire

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy search together for more clues about the Symphony Treasures and their exact location. In the midst of their search, they come across a firefighting exhibition done by the Ponyville Firefighters, both pegasi admiring the equipment they have to put out fires. They then hear a voice and see a blue bodied, orange maned pegasus, who states that they must be countryponies to be unfamiliar with the trucks. This angers Rainbow Dash, who asks her if they ever used rainclouds to put out fires. The other pegasus gets mad and both argue until she learns Rainbow Dash's name, laughing and teasing her. Rainbow doesn't take this well, and they argue to the point that the firepony's boss comes and scolds her and Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash learn her name is Waterfire.

However, she and Dash keep on arguing until her boss's explodes in anger and punishes them by making them do 1000 pushups. Fluttershy can't help but watch the punished ponies.

The sorrowful Theme Park

Applejack is on the outskirts of the town as she goes to the place where she thinks Sweet Apple Acres is standing. She instead finds that an abandoned theme park stands there, in ruins due to a huge incident five years ago. She goes inside to investigate, at first only seeing destroyed stands and rides. Eventually, she finds an old photo of Sweetie Belle and her old friends when she was younger. She starts to understand the reason behind Sweetie's cold behavior as she exits the park and pays her respects to the ones who died there.

After she pays her respects, she sees an orange pegasus pony with an orange, yellow and green mane and tail and lily flower cutie mark. She introduces herself as Pick-a-Lilly and reveals that the same creature that attacked Equestria's Ponyville also attacked Symponia's Ponyville five years ago and killed everyone in sight, including her parents. Applejack tells her about how she lost both her parents as well, as they died soon after Apple Bloom was. Pick-a-Lilly is amazed at how honest Applejack is about her past and how sad it is. As they talk, Applejack wonders about the attack and its relation to Sweetie Belle and the Symphony Treasures.

Illusions in the Sky

Back in Equestria, Princess Celestia herself is in unrest about the issue of doomsday within eight days as she and Spike search for a book regarding the issue. Celestia tells Spike how the book was made by one of her parents' advisers before moving to Ponyville and building the library he and Twilight now live at. Zecora arrives at the library and helps them look, giving them advice in rhyme about it's hidden in plain sight.

A chain of events between Peewee and Spike accidentally knocks off the statue and the Princess sees a hidden switch. As Spike presses it, a secret compartment opens up and reveals the book they were searching for. As they open it, they see a picture of Grogar fighting against 13 Ponies: six of them wield the Elements of Harmony and six of them wield the Symphony Treasures. Among them is an alicorn, wielding some sort of necklace and using it against him. The trio are confused by the clue left in the illustration stating that "Harmony and Symphony must become one in order to awaken the Princess that Connects Hearts."

In the midst of their discovery, Derpy barges inside in a panic and tells the three that something strange is in the sky. The trio goes outside and sees the entire world of Symponia in the sky, another omen that strikes fear in the residents of Equestria, even the Princesses. Twilight is similarly shocked to see the world of Equestria shown in the skies of Symponia as well.

Chapter 5

The Battle Begins

“ a sense that the Princess just left the building....”

- Spike

Princess Celestia is shocked by how Grogar is advancing himself on wanting the Treasures in Symponia while she blames herself. Both Spike and Zecora calm her down and tell her they still have a chance, but the only problem is that Twilight and her friends don't have the Elements of Harmony to fight back with. Princess Celestia has no choice but for them to go to Symponia and take action.

The Stratadons Strikes Again

The sight of Equestria in the skies of Symponia confuses many of ponies in Symponia, even Twilight's friends. At the Celebration Salon, Amberlocks tells them that it's an omen that Symponia will be destroyed. Rarity and Pinkie Pie decide to consult Twilight about this, with both Symponian ponies following them. At the theme park, Pick-a-Lilly is confused and worried about the situation while Applejack is confused but sure that Grogar has something to do with it. The duo hear a loud roar and three Stratadons pass bym going to Ponyville to destroy it, like what happened 5 years ago. They both trot off back to Ponyville.

Even at the firefighters exhibition were confused on what is going on, even for Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Waterfire. Then they hear the Stratadons are coming and things are about to get worse as the beasts land in the town square and start to cause chaos. The two go to the disaster area while Waterfire follows, abandoning her team.

Twilight Sparkle and Brights Brightly are running against the crowd as both unicorns approach where the Stratadons landed, as many of the ponies in town run away in fear. Twilight learns about the Princess that Connect Hearts and about the incident five years ago that scarred Sweetie Belle forever. She asks for more information about the subject, but Brights Brightly doesn't answer, only saying that she will tell her everything when it's time. Brightly then senses Sweetie Belle is in danger and rushes on ahead with Twilight following.

Mane 6 vs Stratadons: Round 2

At the town square, everything is in chaos as everypony is running away from the disaster and mayhem the Stratadons are causing. Lavender Locket, Sweetie Belle and Twinkle Wish are also trying to run away as fast as they can, with Sweetie Belle afraid of being killed by the same beasts that wanted to kill her five years ago. Sweetie Belle trips and one of the Stratadons is about to strike her.

Luckily, Twilight Sparkle and Brights Brightly come to save them. Twilight tells the ponies to hide as she and Brightly agree to take the Stratadons down together. The duo proceed to attack the beasts with all of their might, while Sweetie Belle, Twinkle Wish and Lavender Locket safely hide themselves behind the Ever Forever Green Tree. With the two unicorns' efforts, they destroy one of the Stratadons, however, one of the remaining two pulls out another trick by opening its back and then firing multiple magical beams around itself. The other does the same and hits the tree where Sweetie Belle and the others are hiding, before they run away and the tree goes up in flames. Lavender Locket trips and is about to get hit by the blast.

Rainbow Dash arrives just in time to save the little filly, along with Fluttershy and Waterfire. The Stratadons fire another barrage, only to get blocked by several thrown objects which cause multiple explosions. Twilight sees Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Minty and Amberlocks arriving to support them using Pinkie Pie's Pinkie Sense. One of the Stratadons spews fire and the four ponies manage to evade it in time. As it's about to use its fire breath again, a rope wraps around the beast's mouth and clamps it shut; everypony sees Pick-a-Lilly and Applejack holding the rope with their mouths. Twilight sees this as an opening and destroys the second stratadon using her magic. All that's left now is the still rampaging third stratadon.

Twinkle Wish's death and Sweetie Belle's awakening

The last Stratadon goes on an all out assault as it attacks the group and whatever they throw at it doesn't work. As it uses its fire breath to roast Lavender Locket and Sweetie Belle alive, Twinkle Wish uses all of her powers and blocks the blast with her own body. Sweetie Belle is shocked by what the wishing star did as she falls to the ground, mortally injured. She rushes in and says that she shouldn't have done that, but Twinkle Wish tells Sweetie Belle that she must live and thanks her for the memories as her body starts to fade into light.

With Twinkle Wish, the last of her old friends, gone, Sweetie Belle starts to cry nonstop and Twilight thinks to herself that Grogar is being too harsh in wanting her killed. As the Stratadon unleashes another fire breath, the other ponies tell her to run before it's too late, but she is still in despair after losing her friend. However, this somehow awakens her hidden side.


- Sweetie Belle

A strange barrier then appears surrounding her as it deflects the fire breath. Twilight can sense a powerful amount of magic coming out of the filly as Sweetie Belle stands up and looks at the Stratadon with sadness, anger and disgust. The beast fires a magic blast directly at her but the barrier deflects the shots back to the Stratadon. She then closes her eyes as more magical energy comes out. She transforms, shocking everyone with her sudden change from a unicorn pony to an Alicorn.

Sweetie Belle looks at the Stratadon in a mixture of anger and despair as she charges her horn with magic, pouring in every bit of strength to one blast. The Stratadon attacks but Sweetie Belle shouts at the top of her lungs and fires a powerful blast directly at it, sending it to the sky as it explodes. As everyone looks at the new form of Sweetie Belle, Brightly tells them that she is the Princess that Connects Hearts as Sweetie Belle collapses in exhaustion.

Chapter 6

Revealing the Truth

As the group returns to Flitter Flutter's mansion along with the new ponies, they're confused by what happened: the Stratadon attack, Sweetie Belle's sudden change and lastly its connection to the Symphony Treasures. The Mayor comes back to the group exhausted due to the huge mob of ponies and still worried about what happened to Sweetie Belle. Twilight Sparkle asks her to tell them everything about Sweetie Belle and the mayor agrees.

Meanwhile, Sweetie Belle, in her new Alicorn form, is upstairs recovering from what happened earlier in Ponyville as Brights Bright is with her. Brights Brightly regrets what happened and feels that Sweetie has the harshest fate; being a soon-to-be Princess of Symphonia. As Sweetie Belle wakes up and is reminded about what happened and Twinkle Wish's death, she starts to cry again, still heartbroken by her death and blaming herself for it.

Brights Brightly tries to calm the young Alicorn as magic streams out of her body and affects the things around the room. After she calms down, Brights Brightly tells her that she will explain everything about her past.

Accepting Destiny

Downstairs, Flitter Flutter explains everything about Sweetie Belle and both the Ponyville residents and the Mane 6 are surprised by what they hear from her. She says that the Sweetie Belle in this world is not the real one, and the real one died 25 years before the one they know arrived. She also explains the double rainbow incident 20 years ago and the sudden death of her old friends. She then reveals that Sweetie Belle is Princess Heart Bright, the Princess that Connects Hearts.

As they decide to tell her everything, Sweetie Belle arrives downstairs with Brights Brightly, already aware that she is Princess Heart Bright. The Mayor wants to deny her true origins until she herself tells her that she accepts it and will find a way to save Symphonia and Ponyville from Grogar. In the midst of the reveal, another visitor appears.

“Oh Twilight…I missed all of you very much. I knew you were safe and sound in this world along with your friends.”

- Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia, Zecora and Spike arrive in Symphonia through the World Teleportation Spell and reunite with the Mane 6. As she sees Princess Heart Bright and confirms that Grogar is making his move for his resurrection, the group decides to go to Unicornia and find the Symphony Treasures before he does. Princess Heart Bright is confused and tells at the Princess that her powers are not fully awakened. However, she also agrees to this as well.

Farewell Present

That night after the reunion, Heart Bright and Twilight are both talking about the big day tomorrow and their journey to the lost kingdom of Unicornia to fully awaken her Alicorn powers. As she remembers her old friends and Twinkle Wish, she vows that she will avenge her friends who died for her.

As the both talk about their similarities and differences, the two discover something interesting inside Twinkle Wish's box: a some sort of writing as it expanded. It is Twinkle Wish's final letter to Heart Bright until the box shines and four magical relics come out, before the box crumbles to dust. As Heart Bright picks up a star-like item and cries, Twilight Sparkle recognizes the items as the Symphony Treasures. But there are only four of them, confusing the two ponies.

Dark Shadows

At the dark kingdom of Tambelon, Grogar, a Ram-like necromancer, becomes aware of Heart Bright's awakening back at Ponyville and is unamused by the turn of events. His anger boils until Bray, his assistant donkey, steps in and informs his master about her powers.

A furious Grogar yells at the donkey and commands him to find the remaining Symphony Treasures before the ponies do. As Bray exits the room, Grogar stares at the Crystal Ball and swears that he will turn both Equestria and Symphonia into worlds of Hell.


The next day, the others find out that Twinkle Wish was keeping the first four Symphony Treasures all along and they are amazed by how they look and how powerful they are. As the ponies are ready to leave, they set their mission to finding the remaining three treasures while reaching Unicornia to fully awaken Princess Heart Bright's powers in six days. Princess Celestia leaves the group early on as she goes ahead of the ponies to visit someone.

After that, Heart Bright bids her farewell to the ones who took care of her and leaves with Twilight and the gang, as they all venture to the lost city of Unicornia.


3.5 Sweetie Belle/Princess Heart Bright

Sweetie belle LS

Artwork of Lost Symphonies Sweetie Belle

Sweetie Belle is a unicorn pony with a white body and a pink, purple and light purple mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a sparkly pink heart. As a filly, she had no concrete past, as she appeared 20 years ago after two rainbows touched. As she grew up, her old friends were killed by a Stratadon, making her sad and also cold-hearted. Five years later, she meets her new friends and the Mane 6. She also slowly discovers her true self and her past while reminding herself that she still has friends supporting her. In chapter 5, it's revealed that she is really Princess Heart Bright, the lost princess of Symponia, the "Princess who Connects Hearts", gaining her true form as an Alicorn.

Lavender Locket

Lavender Locket is a young unicorn pony filly with a purple body and a pink, blue and white mane and tail. Her Cutie Mark is a purple locket. Lavender Locket's mother who died a long time ago, was an earth pony while her father was a unicorn, making her a half-breed. She has always been harassed by her stepmother and sister, forcing her to run away from home in Biridleale. She arrived in Ponyville during the Friendship Festival, where she meets Sweetie Belle after she sings the same song she once sang with her friends. She shows her innocent personality but also is very brave, sometimes wanting to step into adult matters despite her young age.


Minty is an earth pony with a mint green body and a pink mane and tail. Her Cutie Mark is three mint candies. Minty works in the Bright N’ Shine Sweet Shoppe as an errand pony. She is a complete klutz, sometimes prone to breaking stuff. She is sometimes clueless about things, especially myths and legends, though there are times that she can be intelligent. Minty also has a huge case of OCD and is very sarcastic about things. Another thing Minty is known for is socks, sometimes collecting them as a hobby.


Amberlocks is a unicorn pony with a pink body and a blonde yellow and orange mane and tail. Her Cutie Mark is a purple band with blonde hair wrapped around it tied with blue ribbons. Amberlocks owns the Celebration Salon, a famous parlor in Ponyville. She is very mature, stylish and speaks with a French accent, which sometimes fades. She is also the older sister of the Symponian Rainbow Dash and shares some of her traits with her. Despite this she focuses more on styling manes than shopping for goods. Amberlocks also knows a few things about the legends and lore of Symponia.


Waterfire is a pegasus pony with a cyan body and an orange mane and tail. Her Cutie Mark is fire over water. A member of Ponyville's Fire Brigade, Waterfire is an elite rookie whose personality is different than the other firefighting ponies in Symponia. She is very cocky, boastful, arrogant but yet sometimes a bit manipulative. Even on her job, she sometimes find ways to show off. In the events after chapter 5, she has been kicked out off her job due to her lack of cooperation with the other firepones during the Stratadon attack.


Pick-a-Lilly is a pegasus pony with a pinkish-orange body and an orange, yellow and green mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a lily. Being the shy one, Pick-a-Lilly had a same terrible past on losing everyone 5 years ago. Her parents died as they were trying to get away from the Stratadon, causing her to develop a hatred of the same monsters that attacked Ponyville. While her personality is described to be shy and yet sometime being timid, she sometimes show signs of assertiveness. Pick-a-Lilly is also a good gardener.

Mayor Flitter Flutter

An earth pony with a pearly yellow body and a purple and light pink mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a heart-shaped key with a ribbon in it. She is the Mayor of Symponian Ponyville and also Sweetie Belle's legal guardian. She keeps the Wishing Star named Twinkle Wish.

Twinkle Wish

Twinkle Wish is a wishing star described in the legends of the Winter Wishes Festival to grant every wish. It usually sleeps inside a box to get enough energy so it can grant everyone's wishes. She also serves as Sweetie Belle's guardian. She dies in Chapter 5, protecting Sweetie Belle and Lavender Locket with her own body.

Whimsey Weatherbe

A female dragon with an orange body, yellow scales, brown hair, a pair of pink wings and wears a blue ribbon on her head, She lives in Willy Nelly Mountain at the outskirts of Symponia and is shown to manipulate the weather. She likes to have friends. After the events of "Twinkle Wish Adventure", she visits Ponyville to hang out with the local ponies in town. Her origin is unknown as well as how she ended up in Willy Nelly Mountain in the first place.

Princess Star Catcher

A pegasus unicorn with a white body and a blue, white and pink mane and tail. Her Cutie Mark is a pink heart with glitter. Star Catcher is the daughter of Princess Lumina and the mother of Princess Heart Bright, the "Princess that Connects Hearts". She is in charge of bringing in the stars all across the skies of Symponia and has powerful magic skills far beyond any unicorn pony. However, she felt so lonely after the loss of her one and only daughter after she was transported 1000 years into the future that she fell into a deep sleep. She is still sleeping beneath the castle ruins of Unicornia, awaiting the return of her lost daughter.

Brights Brightly

A unicorn pony with a yellow body and a orange and a pink mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a rising sun over stylized water, with three pink hearts flying over the sun. A mysterious unicorn pony serving as the head butler, Brights Brighly is very protective of Sweetie Belle for strange reasons. Unbeknownst to Twilight, she has a secret agenda.


Known as the Lord of Tambelon, Grogar is the king of darkness who wants to rule both Equestria and Symphonia and turn them into a living hell. He despises both the Symphonian and Equestrian Royal Families for more than 2000 years, as he was defeated once by King Apollo, Queen Solana and Princess Lumina. Although he was sealed, he made a vow that he would rise again after 2000 years and have his revenge. He commands the Kingdom of Tambelon, a dark fortress filled with forbidden dark magic and is accompanied by his assistant, Bray.

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