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LaserPon3's OC. Picture created by Prozenconns on DeviantArt.
Other names LaserPony
Known as Laser artist
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LaserPon3 or LaserPony was the first brony laserist/laser artist in the world. The name LaserPon3 is inspired by the spelling "DJ Pon-3" for "DJ Pony". The reason for this is that LaserPon3's favourite character is Vinyl Scratch

LaserPon3's OC is known for his ability to shoot laser beams out of his eyes, similar to the laser beams that come out of the laser projectors used in LaserPon3's shows.

The person behind LaserPon3 is Pieterjan Ruysch (or most of the time called Pieter or PJ).


Pieter creates his content from scratch and actively innovates in the laser industry, for instance developing his own drawing techniques allowing him to display more through his laser projector then ever was thought to be possible. This separates him from the rest of the laserists in the world.

LaserPon3 has been making shows inspired by or related to the MLP franchise or jokes that have been going on in the community. Lasershows can be found on his YouTube. 


Bronypalooza performance of LaserPon3 during
Bronycon 2012

LaserPon3's biggest brony related performance as of now was his performance at BronyPalooza during BronyCon 2012. He has also performed at B.U.C.K 2012, which is the biggest UK Brony Convention.

LaserPon3 is expected to perform at: B.U.C.K 2013[citation needed] and BronyCon 2013.[1]

LaserPon3 can be booked for conventions by contacting him through any of his social networks.


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