Know Your Mare
Know Your Mare by luna-is-best-pony

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Writer(s) Overlord-Flinx
Date published January 6, 2012
Words 62,957
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Comedy
Featuring Discord
Sunset Shimmer
Part of The Flinx-verse
Based on Know Your Stars sketch from All That
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 Know Your Mare is an ongoing fanfiction by Overlord-Flinx that parodies the Know Your Stars sketch from All That. The story focuses primarily on Discord, Queen Chrysalis and Pipsqueak who host a show on which they play the role of disembodied voices who make a mockery of various characters. The fanfic has spawned numerous spin-offs collectively known as the Flinx-verse as well as a series of animations by Bogyle Bronies. The fanfic was first published on but is now regularly updated only on FIMFiction.


Know Your Mare includes very little narration, being composed mostly of dialogue. For the most part, characters are identified by text font and color. As a result, most chapter word lengths fall under 1,000 words. Initially, Discord, Chrysalis and Pipsqueak were not identified by name with clues being used to identify whom the disembodied voices belong to.


The series initially had only Discord as a disembodied voice humiliating various characters. Chapter 18 introduced Queen Chrysalis as a more belligerent host. Chapter 24 introduced Pipsqueak.

Over time, the story began to focus less on the guests and more on the hosts and their many misadventures as Discord and Chrysalis become Pipsqueak's guardians. Sunset Shimmer later joined as the fourth and final host.

The Flinx-verse

Published Title Words Status Notes
2012-08-13 They Grow Up... 20,895 Incomplete
2013-01-17 The Birds and the Changelings 1,939 Complete
2013-02-28 Clop on the Ground 4,663 Complete
2013-03-31 The True Meaning of Easter. 1,454 Complete
2013-04-03 Discordia: Turn on the Lights. 6,793 Incomplete
2013-07-06 Shimmer, My Big Bad Sis. 4,984 Incomplete
2013-07-28 The Royal Discordian-Swarm Wedding. 1,683 Incomplete
2013-08-21 Sunset Shimmer: The Quest for Steak! 3,321 Incomplete
2013-11-28 Giving Thanks. 1,147 Complete
2014-01-10 Kindred Spirits 1,004 Complete


[Animation] Know Your Mare (All That Parody)
Creator(s) BogyleBronies
Date added July 2, 2012
Status Incomplete
Voices Daniel Sessions
Type/genre Comedy

Know Your Mare has also been adapted into a series of animations by Bogyle Bronies. The series is produced by Daniel Sessions. Artwork and animation was initially produced by Jacob Kitts, producer of Re-enacted by Ponies. Ben Engel took over after episode 4. TheRockingDoubleK provides some of the audio effects.


Episode list

# Published Guest Character Duration Notes
1 2012-07-02 Twilight Sparkle 1:37
2 2012-08-21 Trixie 2:20
3 2012-11-18 Applejack 1:48
4 2013-04-05 Fluttershy 2:14 Features Rainbow Dash in a different ending than the fanfic
5 2013-07-03 Princess Celestia 1:49
6 2013-08-06 Rarity 1:49
7 2014-02-28 Princess Luna 1:33 Produced out of order
8 2013-10-08 Spike 1:49 Produced out of order
10 2014-05-22 Pinkie Pie 2:08
12 2014-08-09 Shining Armor 2:33

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