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Kam, the writer under the penname KamFiction, joined the MLP Fanfiction writing community in December of 2011. He primarily uses Pony Fiction Archive, but also does occasional updates on and

Kam writes very detailed works with a unique descriptive feel to them, and writes anything from cheerful to grimdark and explicit clopfictions, all of which share his usage of vivid language and descriptions.

Common themes inside his work includes the balance of good and evil, the meaning of one's life story and experiences, how characters transition over time, psychological aspects of cannon and original characters, technology and its implications, and the difference between evil and profit.

Kam uses a blend of show characters (villians, the mane6 especially, and the princess) along with Original characters, original villians, and Foils (antithesises or opposites in character to the above, which may be original or Background characters given backstory).


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The story's cover art on FIMFiction by GIS GELA

Writer(s) KAMfiction
Date published December 7, 2012
Words 63,426 as of chapter 13
Status Unfinished
Type/genre Romance
Featuring Twilight Sparkle
Flim and Flam
King Sombra
Story link(s)
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Spellbound is a Teen-rated fanfic, which revolves around the events that unfolded when after a unicorn Cult decieves Twilight into reading a corrupted Spellbook. The Cult's charismatic leader, Dusk Falcon, used Twilight's inquisitive nature and hunger to learn to make Twilight into an incredibly powerful and incredibly power-hungry unicorn herself. As Twilight herself grows colder and more powerful, the two unicorns hatch plans to overtake Equestria and rule together as Princess and Prince under the rule of King Sombra.



The story's cover art on The Pony Fiction Archive

Words 9,112
Status Unfinished
Type/genre Romance
Featuring Pinkie Pie
The rest of the mane 6
Bumblesweet is a suspense story with elements of light romance, but it is suitable for almost all readers. The story differentiates from the show with its serious morality. It revolves around the male changeling soldier who is seen in "A Canterlot Wedding" impersonating for Pinkie Pie during the fight scene.. Inspired by the happiness in Pinkie Pie, he leaves the hive and assumes the Identity of Bumblesweet (Pinkie Pie's recolor) to find his friend. Chrysalis and her spies learn of Bumblesweet, and hatch plans to use her and her inability to reveal her original form for fear of capture or punishment to attempt to take over Ponyville.
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