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Other names Griffin Village
Known as Musician
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Jackle App is an electronic musician was an important player in the early brony fandom. He is best known for his Owl City inspired synthpop project "Griffin Village" and his collaboration with Mic the Microphone. He is also known for having a non-pony OC, specifically a griffin. He has done a remix of song "Fireflies" by Owl City, a project which he stated had a great influence on his own style.

He was thought to have disappeared from the Internet almost entirely since 2013; however, he had released a full length album called Verve in early May 2016.

One Trick Pony

One Trick Pony
Creator(s) Jackle App
Composition Jackle App
Vocals Mic the Microphone

Jackle App

Published 2011-12-07
Duration 3:07
Jackle App's most popular song is his collaboration with Mic the Microphone, One Trick Pony. In the song Mic raps the verses while Jackle App sings the chorus. The Living Tombstone's remix of the song is extremely popular.

Griffin Village Seasons EP

One of Jackle App's best known works is his Griffin Village project, which is named after Adam Young's Owl City. The songs from this tend to be his most widely covered.

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2011-08-15 Summer 4:20 Synthpop Chorus written by Tarby
2011-11-04 Autumn 3:43 Sythnpop
2011-10-10 Winter 3:32 Synthpop
2012-05-06 Spring 5:50 Sytnhpop

Other notable songs

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2012-01-20 Scootaloo's Wings 3:24 Electronic
2012-06-04 Cawtion 3:55 Electronic Created for Balloon Party
2011-09-17 I Love Everything 3:14 Electronic
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