Ibeabronyrapper (sometimes shortened to Ibe), also known as Concept, is an American rapper. He is known for his collaborative work with popular producers The Living Tombstone and Omnipony, including the tracks "Atomizer" and "Amplifyre."

Ibe has released one album and one EP, and is currently working on his second album, a collaborative effort with fellow rapper Rhyme Flow tentatively called Flows and Cons.



  • My Beautiful Dark Twisted Friendship (2012)
  • Flows and Cons (2013)


  • Atomizer: Redemption (2012)


Year Title
2012 "Evil Enchantress"
"Luna's Eclipse"
"Vinyl Scratch Rave"
"Skies of a Manehattan Night"
"A Dark Friendship"
"My Own Two Wings" (with GaugeN & Nightmare Snake)
"10 Seconds Flat" (freestyle)
"EOM Cypher"
"Alpha Cypher"
"Trixie's Aftermath"
"Atomizer" (with Furries in a Blender & The Living Tombstone)
"Streets of Manehattan" (with Colortwelve & Kyoga)
"What I've Learned" (with Nameless Warning & The Living Tombstone)
"Bored at Starbucks" (with Omnipony)
"Amplifyre" (with Omnipony & Nowacking )
"Nightmare Night" (cover) (with F3nning)
"Dodge This" (with Rhyme Flow & Vinyl Scratch)
"Atomizer VIP (Redemption)" (with Skyline)
"Twilight's Serenade" (with Agile Dash & Colortwelve)
2013 "Gimmicks" (with Rhyme Flow, Blitz, & Yelling at Cats)
"Happily Ever Tragic"
"Lights" (with Aviators & Feather)
"Break the Sky" (with Rhyme Flow & Skyline)
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