I Regret

Writer(s) Thesillypony/Rosebudthefoal and Blodycandypony
Date published March 28, 2013
Words 5,602
Status Complete
Type/genre Dark
Featuring Twilight Sparkle
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I Regret is a dark fan fiction written as a collab with Thesillypony/ Rosebudthefoal and Blodycandypony. It is about Twilight Sparkle being kidnapped by a trio of ponies who wish to rip her wings off.


The story starts with Twilight Sparkle flying around Canterlot, enjoying her wings. She mentions how she loves her wings and her increased magic, but also mentions casually that Rarity had seemed rather quiet lately. She decides to visit Donut Joe's shop, but on the way she hears strange things, such as hoofsteps and rustling without any source. She runs into the shop and Joe goes to investigate, but after Joe takes much longer than he should have to return Twilight goes after him. She is then ponynapped by a trio of ponies; a green unicorn, an orange unicorn, and a blue Pegasus.

The story then cuts to the green unicorn and blue Pegasus washing some limbs, saying how their boss wanted them to stay clean and intact. The orange unicorn then comes in and asks if their victim had woken up yet, and after a short exchange they can hear Twilight waking up in the next room.

Twilight wakes up strapped to a table in a dark room. the trio come in and explain that they were going to rip off her wings because many ponies thought she wasn't worthy to be princess. They were interrupted by Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, and told Twilight that 'the orange one' and 'the blue one' (Applejack and Rainbow Dash) had already come and they had already disposed of them. Fluttershy manages to get to Twilight and almost releases her, but she is easily killed and tossed aside along with Pinkie. Twilight soon realizes that Rarity hasn't shown up, and sure that she had some sort of plan and was still going to com rescue her, had hope. However, the trio told her that Rarity certainly wasn't going to come.

Twilight's wings were ripped off and the orange unicorn kicked her horn off, creating so much pain that she eventually passed out. The story then cuts to the green unicorn washing Twilight's dismembered horn and wings with the mysterious boss, who turns out to be Rarity, at her side. She tells Rarity how she figured out why all this happened; Rarity had been very jealous of Twilight's princesshood and wanted her wings for her own, so she had hired the trio to remove Twilight's wings and give them to her. However, she realized that her friends would eventually find out what had happened, so to avoid letting them hate her, she disposed of them by telling them Twilight had been kidnapped and allowed the trio to kill them. Rarity would then be princess, and Twilight would be unable to leave her side for fear of losing her as well.

The story ends with Rarity looking sad and saying "I regret" repeatedly until she finally finishes with "I regret not doing this sooner."

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