I Know Your Secret
Writer(s) UltimateWarrior4Life
Date published March 22, 2014
March 28, 2014
Words 6,966
Status Complete
Type/genre Hurt/Comfort
Featuring Vinyl Scratch
Diamond Tiara
Sunset Shimmer
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I Know Your Secret is a short story by UltimateWarrior4Life. Diamond Tiara tempts Vinyl into letting her borrow Octavia's diary, culminating with Octavia's diary being read in public at a concert and Vinyl attempting to apologize primarily with the help of Sunset Shimmer.


Vinyl is playing dubstep at her house when Octavia comes in after a concert. Noticing that the earth pony left her diary on the floor, Vinyl picks it up and soon begins reading through it. As she reads through it, Diamond Tiara comes by. Upon finding out what Vinyl's doing, she asks to borrow the book and the DJ obliges.

The next day, the two learn that Octavia is performing at Manehattan. Diamond Tiara asks Vinyl if she can go too and boards just before a worried Sunset Shimmer explains to Vinyl that the pink filly is planning on embarrassing Octavia. Sunset and Vinyl arrive too late to stop Diamond Tiara from reading the contents of the diary at the concert and closing with a thank you to Vinyl for the book. Devastated, Octavia leaves along with everyone else in the theatre sans Vinyl and Sunset.

Later, Rarity and Pinkie Pie become sympathetic and help Vinyl to apologize. Through musical number, the DJ and Octavia make amends. Diamond Tiara promptly apologizes as well and writes a friendship letter to Princess Celestia.

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