I Bring Da LULZ
Ibringdalulz OC
Active since May 21st, 2011
Known as Musician
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I Bring Da LULZ is a brony musician who has been active since May 2011. Although his first pony-related song was a piano instrumental, I Bring Da LULZ is most famous in the fandom today as a rapper. I Bring Da LULZ is known for his multiple collaborative efforts with other musicians, such as Acoustic Brony, MandoPony, and PrinceWhateverer. I Bring Da LULZ is one-fourth of TwentyTen, a brony group consisting of Mic The Microphone, The Living Tombstone, WoodenToaster, and himself.

Moving On (with Ame)

Moving On (with Ame)
Creator(s) TwentyTen
Composition The Living Tombstone
Lyrics I Bring Da LULZ & Mic The Microphone
Vocals I Bring Da LULZ, Mic The Microphone, and Amethyst Glittershine
Duration 3:16
Type/genre Rap

"Moving On (with Ame)" is a collaborative effort between the four artists that make up TwentyTen, as well as Amethyst Glittershine. "Moving On" was released on August 1, 2013.

The first verse describes a singer who spends all of their time drinking, partying, and causing noise with their entourage while maintaining the mentality that they can do so because they have a very long time to find their place in life, all the while disappointing their friends and family. The first verse is sung by I Bring Da LULZ.

The second verse describes how although others look up to this person, they are becoming increasingly unstable, lashing out at their associates and refusing to take blame for their actions.

By the third verse, the singer is questioning why they perform at all. Others tell the singer to abandon their hedonistic lifestyle in order to keep their friends, but the singer is too "hot-headed" to believe they have done anything wrong. At the end of the third verse, it is revealed that all of the singers friends have left him, and he is advised to "move on". The second and third verses are sung by Mic The Microphone.

The chorus details how the singer has decided to move on from their old lifestyle in order to pursue a better one.

"Moving On" has been received well in the community, placing 2nd in PaleoSteno's community voted Top Ten Pony Songs for August 2013.

Selection of other songs

2011-05-28 1000 Years 2:58 Instrumental
2011-07-04 Baby Got Flank 4:11 Parody Parody of "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot
2012-06-05 Breaking Bonds 4:52 Hard Rock Collaboration with AcousticBrony, MandoPony, PrinceWhateverer, DJ MHM,and MrGeorgeFTW
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