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Reimagining the characters from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic as humans is a fairly common motif in fan art. This is distinct from the idea anthropomorphism (the imbuing of animals with human characteristics), which cartoon characters already feature.


Her desire to become human is one of the motifs fairly common to fan art and fan fiction featuring Lyra. This trend likely started due to several instances of Lyra adopting human or human-like poses in the show, such as sitting in a human-like way. Fans have put forth several (often comedic) reasons for this, but one example would be that Lyra was once a human who was transformed and transported to Equestria. More commonly, Lyra is simply thought of as the pony equivalent of a "furry" enthusiast or science fiction fan, who has an active fantasy life dreaming of the mythological creatures known as humans, and wanting to believe. Recurring themes include her desire to have hands, and sly comparisons with the My Little Pony fan culture itself.

Other appearances[]

Humanized ponies have also had cameos in various webcomics, such as The Chosen Ones[1][2][3] and Full Time Ink[4][5]. There are even some videos, for instance, this re-imagined opening sequence.


Mane Six Lineup by Ric-M

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