Happily Ever After
Lyra heartstrings by zomgitsalaura

The coverart on Equestria Daily

Writer(s) Vanner
Date published November 3, 2011
Words 29,726
Status Complete
Type/genre Shipping
Featuring Lyra
Bon Bon
Happily Ever After is a fanfiction written by Vanner and can be found on Equestria Daily and FIMFiction. It is a shipping story detailing the drama and shenanigans leading up to the marriage of Ponyville's (and the fandom's) premier pony couple: Lyra and Bon Bon.


Bon Bon and Lyra's wedding

The coverart on FIMFiction

The story opens with Lyra proposing to Bon Bon after dinner in Pokey Pierce's restaurant. The couple get their first taste of the insanity that will threaten them the next day when Pinkie Pie is finally released from the bonds she'd been put in to prevent her spoiling the mood of the proposal and nags Lyra into letting her be the wedding planner. Pinkie places a wedding announcement in just about ever newspaper in the region, which brings it to the attention of Canterlot's aristocracy, a class that Lyra technically belongs to, despite moving to Ponyville and living by her own means. Keeping Pinkie's enthusiasm and over-the-top ideas under control soon proves to be a minor issue as a quiet, passive-agressive war of move and counter-move sparks between a section of the aristocracy that opposes Lyra's marriage to a commoner and Ponyville's business leaders, who are determined to make the wedding happen while protecting their own livelihoods from blacklisting.



Born to a high-class Canterlot family, Lyra moved to Ponyville to escape the life of an aristrocrat and pursue her dream of playing and composing music. She often travels to play concerts across Equestria, but when she suddenly starts getting stiffed for her show, she takes to playing on street corners to make enough bits for her and Bon Bon to live on. Her parents support her decision to marry Bon Bon, but are only able to provide so much assistance.

Bon Bon

She owns and runs her own candy store, which does good business until all her equipment begins to fail on her due to sabotage by lackeys of the aristocrats. She has quite a temper and becomes stressed easily as the days go by.

Pro-Wedding Party

Led by Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Pokey Pierce, these ponies find themselves shouldering most of the effort to keep the wedding on track despite the subtle attacks on Lyra and Bon Bon's finances, trying to spare the couple as much stress as possible while unearthing the saboteurs and their next plot.

Anti-wedding Aristocrats

Caught up in their own self-importance, these ponies work behind the scenes, sending in thugs and saboteurs to attempt to threaten and undermine Lyra and Bon Bon's wedding plans and even attempt to distract the business leaders with a glut of out-of-town business before stooping to blacklisting the business of anypony who openly supports the wedding. They have at least one agent living in Ponyville feeding them information.

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