Half the Day is Night

cover image at Equestria Daily

Writer(s) Augiedog
Date published March 17 - July 5, 2011
Words 57,200
Featuring Princess Luna

Half the Day is a fan fiction written by "Augiedog" and can be found on Equestria Daily. It is a well-regarded tale of court intrigue and growth for Princess Luna and other characters.


The story is written from a traditional third-person perspective. It has been said that the story could pass for a series of actual episodes[citation needed], as it has a very similar tone to the show itself.


A year and a quarter since Luna's return, the Princesses agree to give Luna full authority over both the night and day for one week as a show of faith on Celestia's part and to prove to the royal court that Luna is trustworthy. As a security measure, Luna asks the Elements of Harmony to become her advisors for the week to give her eyes and ears in the court and so that they'll be on hoof if Luna should turn into Nightmare Moon again.

A rogue group of nobles, opposed to Luna's reign, secretly orchestrates sabotage and attacks on Luna while she holds court, and the Mane 6 split up to investigate the plot and help Luna build up her public image, self esteem, and the Night Guard. Some romance between Rarity and a young courtier occurs along the way.

Princess Luna's characterisation

In "Half The Day Is Night", Princess Luna is shown to be an unpopular royal. Her subjects do not adore her to the degree they adore Princess Celestia, and this is partially because one of her first acts upon her return to power was to disband the Night Ministry, which left the distinguished Canterlot Stargazer family wholly unemployed.

As the princess learns about the way things work in the Equestria of the current year and strives to be a better ruler, she grows taller and her mane becomes more like Celestia's. By the end of the story, she stands as tall as her sister and they possess equal power.

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